You have only your ex to blame, Maryam to Jemima...


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What an arrogant response from Maryam Nawaz Safdar (her full name). She thinks that her 30-40 years long rule on Pakistan is about to start. She gives ZERO weight to Shehbaz or Hamza. Mr. Buzdar will make sure that her dream comes true.


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Well Imran Khan says anything about your family as your whole family is part of your dirty politics, whether it's your daughter's father in law, your hubby, your father., your uncle, your cousins, your inlaws and all are thieves and looters but not the case with Imran Khan. You gushti randi


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پلاسٹکی نانی کو اُسکی صحیح اوقات مانسہرہ کی پہاڑیوں کے
ایک چلّے سنتری نے دکھائی تھی، جب
اُس نے اِس ذلیل عورت کو
ایک غلیظ بد بُودار گیراج میں مہینوں تک "زمین" پر لٹا کر پانی پانی کیا
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مریم قطری کی انتہائی گھٹیا طرز سیاست۔ لیکن بکاو میڈیا اسکو مسلسل پروموٹ کر رہا ہے۔


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100% her ex is to blame. During his tenure convicted criminal like her is roaming free in Pakistan. And spitting venom against him and state.
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