مائنس عمران خان سے ملک کا بھلا ہو تو ہمیں کوئی اعتراض نہیں - رانا ثنا اللہ


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Certified daku shukul sae chore how we pakistanis even live his huram life n give him media coverage unbeleivable
I wrote many important things for us pakistanis. Please do read n honestly reply.

Imran khan youtube purr daekhoe. His biography n speeches. Guranteed satisfaction. He has super energy to accomplish whatever goal he made in his life like example IMPOSSIBLE goals win cricket world cup build 3 cancer hospital treatment free for poor as u know cancers daily treatment is in lakhs. Ubh this khurdimagh pakistan koe medinae kee reasat bunnana chahtaa hae. Not scared of death n assasination attempts says firmly beleives when time comex it comes he is ready. Unbelievable aadmi hae. Corruption gone down, fixing everything, his biggest current hurdle to progress is 100 corrupt judges hired bribed by ex political parties has to remove them n bring real law degree holders n honest kinds. Its vvvvvv hard to pay back vvvv high intrest loans millions in monthly payments borrowed n looted by pmln ppp etc. Karachi 50% alloted 50% budget of karachi stolen by mqm n ppp for last 25 yrs.
peshawarbudget same like karachi by juif chief moulana fazulrehman and ANP party by asfndur ali khan ,punjab budget for 30 yrs by PMLN i mean punjab number 1 in agriculture revenues stolen.

Ppp zardari or pmln nawaz shareef stole all provisional and federal budget COMPLETELY STOLEN,😂ON TOP OF IT IT STOLE DEFENSE BUDGET NOT DIRECTLY BUT UNDER TABLE COMMISION FROM FOREIGN DEFENSE CONTRACTORS IN BILLIONS ( france just convicted some for that submarine co who gave 10 million bribe on each submarine and navy ships etc to zardari) took EXTREMLY high intrest loans from several banks for pakistan instead of using on pakistan it was entirely laundered to dubai n swiss banks and then used to buy all prime expensive properties in europe😳.
State bank sui gas steel mill pia railway tollway revenues , KMC n other major cities municipalities budget stolene so infrastructure in ruins.

Imran KHAN DID TAUBA AFTER MOMS CANCER DEATH now its between him n allah.
He promised to rebuilt pakistan. He declared his assets for 20 yrs wakes 5:30 am jummat kae satth numaz, wazeefaes 24/7, takes no salary as primeminister, rejected all amenities as PM, lives in his own house, uses a smaller office, sold all buffaloes used for fresh milk in PRIMEMINISTER house, cut down kitchen expenditure, no more fancy dinners, no fancy snacks for use in PMs house, cut down foreign visits to foreign countries n no more 250 team of family friends n unedded staff that used to go with ex corrupt leaders now imran khan takes 5 people most needed to visit foreign tours UN meetings etc. , pakistans image was restored in gulf oil nations, all over asia usa europe as speaks without paper written speech speaks honest truth as now our foreign office taken seriously as it is honest n professional, did austerity measures auctioned all luxury cars 400, just kept minimum 4 for security reasons, dresses simple, distanced himself from all relatives including sisters so people dont say they are using PMs influence.

Eye opener was day he started monthly loan payments of past 20 yr very vvvvv high interest loans monthly qistain was excess of 500 million a month. All export revenue, 51 foreign pakistan embassies were used for personal buisness for giving pakistani visas to pakistans enemies with huge bribes.

Stole lands prime properties in pAkistan.

Ubh imran khan using to nail all chores ex political parties to show money trails ubh iskae dushmun bunn gayae hein. Fauj is with imran khan. As he has too they are 10% corrupt and 90% will fight to death no hesitation so we r lucky pakistan even though enemies tried but mashallah due to pak army will never make pakistan in ruins as happened in iraq syria libya afghanistan as those armies some bribed not to fight or some just didnt have will to figh those are NOT SOVERIGN COUNTRIES ANYMORE.

Humarae pakistanis even though muslims concept he khuraab, how can u have stinky amaals n jhootae, huraam earnings expect good by the goverment to function to provide to its people like as if we are oil nations, subh loot gaya orr YAE TOE ALLAH KAE HAAT MEIN HAE GLORY. but blend of good things imran carry mashallah things are improving mashallah. There is a change but slow now slower due to corona virus guven to world to become better humans. World economies are totally busted. Imran is not a powerfull jadugurr to fix things instantly. Ajeeb expectation wont pay taxes ie pakistanis make huram money overnight then expect INSTANT CHANGE.

He could have easily rejected struggle to work 24/7 to campign to raise poor 80% of pakistan as they suffered WITHOUT easy acess to justice, schools, health, free cooked food etc dream to make pakistan RIASUTAL medina WITH political corrupt shaetan enemies A BUDZAAT OPPOSITION.

Nawaz sheriff made a deal with india to weaken pakistan. Stolen money was used to build huge sugar mill in india right across border in india.
Zardari n nawaz shareef was even ready to sell our nuclear assets plans to enemies of pakistan PROOF IN WIKI LEAKS.

I wish imran khan choosed a easy life but this guy is firm like steel on his goal to help poor of pakistan n make all looters accountable.

For him easy easy way out was do commentary for cricket year round make millions. But he chose hard path in life for poor. Dumb or smart only alllah knows.

He is trying vvvvvv hard. But 80% pakistanis muslims but corrupt to the core they support ppp n pmln as those parties loot n also allow their voters to loot.

Infact ppp pmln took 10% cut on political parties GHOST sit home unecessary jobs in PIA railway etc. Even jalee pilots hired so commision trickle down.

Buss allah rehum kurrae.

😂they call imran khan corrupt, zani khan, jubkae after divorce from gold jewish buissnesmens daughter ex wife were billionaires COULD U BELEIVE HE REFUSED 800 million his share judge rewarded divorce settlement in europe he requested jamima to use for his 2 boys.

Now they say he failed pakistan he did not, he stabilized pakistan, but cannot get better as amaals of pakistanis baddddd to the bone, allah naaraz suza mill rahee hae, ooper sae corona all world economies collapsing ubh they make imran khan blame game. He hired the best team members ofcourse their past was corrupt or better than worst. Supremecourt of pakistan few yrs back declared imran khan sadiq n ameen i 100% agree. But in 80% corrupt pakistan where can he get sadiq n ameen amongst pakistanis in his cabinet, ofcourse some less corrupt industrialists in his cabinet allowed we can safely say yes they corruption history but now even better as rule is everybody accountable n punished if guilty.

Imran khan cannot bring sadiq n ameen people in his current cabinet as hard to find with zero hanky panky person in pakistan.

He cannot bring nonpakistani corrupt free honest person in his cabinet. He is incredible a gift from god but imran khan is not superman with supreme powers. Ultimate boss is allah n without allahs hukum nothing can happen unless tauba is done by entire pakistan to expect pakistsn to change overnight magically we all know that.



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اس فیصل آباد کےسستے غنڈے کی کسی بات کو سنجیدہ لینا بھی گناہ ہے


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Katil sanaullah scared of imran khan muzdil minus ka phupar no minus accountability for thieves and money launderers and fake accoun tt wala minus ka puphar


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اگر لوہار کورٹ اور باقی عدالتوں می کچھ جج نما ....... کے بچے نا ہوتے اور سا رے ہی اصلی حلالی پاک خون والے ہوتے حلالی ماں باپ کی حلالی اولاد صرف جج ہی ہوتے تو یہ منشیات فروش اور ماڈل ٹاؤن میں حا ملہ عورتوں اور بچوں کا قاتل اور ہشیار پوری کوٹھے کی با ئی جی کے گناہ کی نشانی غلیظ ناپاک نشانی رانا ثنا جیل میں ہوتا ضمانت پر نہیں
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