Akbar Bugti Family | Daughter in law of Akbar Bugti appeals to FIA Pakistan


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Tareekh ki ankh ko yeh din bhi dekhna tha ke Akbar Khan Bugti ki bahu sar e aam Bazar main aa kar is Tarah se raham ki bheek Mangay gi. Magar afsoos yeh siasatdan aur baray baray jageerdar aur sarmayadar phir bhi ibrat nahin Hasil kartay
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This girl should be given protection by authorities as soon as possible but it looks a case of serious mental illness. This person (ie the husband of this girl) looks dangerous for all who are close to him or within his reach. He needs to be admitted in mental hospital for proper assessment and treatment as soon as possible.


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For Sure state must provide protection to every citizen irrespective of his or her belongings.
But one Ibrat to Raoniyat n Fironyat of Akber Bugti , they killed one other in name of revenge even own brothers n sons . Never followed Affu Darguzar or Human values.
Same with Bhutto Indira Mujeeb or any terrorist organisations you name like TTP Al Zulfiqar Mukti Bahani or Jiye Sindh or MQM bad goons .


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عورت مارچ والی عورتیں، موم بتی مافیا آنٹیا، غیر ملکی وظیفے پر چلنے والی نسوانی حقوق کی علمبردار غیر سرکاری کمپنیوں کی مالکان کہاں ہیں!؛
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