Another shameful behaviour


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Men r same every where in the world,it is the government that makes the difference.In third class country this kind of things r normal,make Pakistan first class country,this kind of things will not happen.


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Ab loog kahain gai rickshaw main kyn hain???
Ab sarey females helicopter khareedain aur helicopter main travel Karain!!!!
Tarbiyat ghar se hoti hai….. if someone’s parents haven’t taught them how to live like a civilised human then no one can teach them!!! Poor young mums are made to cook all day long and do household chores , they leave their children in the hand of teachers, tuition and Quran teacher.
Jinhon ne qoum bananey theee…..wo khana aur chai bananey se bahir he nahi nikalteen!!
Parents should be the one teaching Islamic ethics and general education at home!!
None of my sibling went to tuition as my parents gave us their precious time and taught us at home, did Hadith and Quran session at home with us !!
I feel disgusted with the behaviour of youngsters these days!!!


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Yes but then it stops at the same spot, that is the family head, more precisely family male head. If that person himself does not know how to deal with women, be at home or at work or in the street, how is he going to teach the values at home?

Opening up will clear lots of mysteries and taboos. As I said in my last post, it may not eliminate the crime all of a sudden but it may help many to define who is right and who is wrong in a certain incident. You are right that security forces are not well equipped with skills to handle such situations, but then again they are also one of our brothers, uncles and sons. They come from the same society with same thinkings/ideas. Do you remember that stupid Umar Sheikh who blamed the victim herself in motorway case. So i would stick to my point that it needs to come from top where the government introduces some reforms which may make it sure that all government schools/institutions are coeducation institutions, make reforms for boys and girls to be friends and go anywhere without bothered by the police etc. Instead the police should arrest or take action on those who disturb the privacy of others, be them couples, be them boys or girls. Lastly, the concept of consent to a relationship should be supported by government where adults are allowed to have relationships of their choice. These can be the starting steps, once these are in place, one can refine them and meanwhile teach society to be more tolerant to all.
I think you are emphasizing on freedom of consent more that what the real problem with the nation is. Providing more freedom more outlets of emotions more mingling with other gender is not something which is at the focal point. I still believe that there is lack of respect to the women in a male dominated society.And that respect can't not be generated but needs to be instil. The proper education, respscting the values the religion itself provides, and be aware of the consequences which will be born . However, the whole nation from the family to the society has been misguided,misled and misinformed. Government does a very little to correct the situation. It has its own problems and its objectives where this issue doesn't take priority.


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Thanks for giving me that importance....😊😃
. By God I havnt started any campaign.,those wr just my views which I tried to share in my broken URDU. N sometimes broken English...
Its not my job to blame people... Nor my style...
What I so simple...
Girl shouldnt have gone to a place without proper security. Where only mn wr expected to b thr...
She shouldnt have put her safety n life in jeopardy... She shouldnt have taken it lightly...
N I m in fvr of punishing the culprits ...

Show me whr I m wrong...
Its the admission of failure of the government to provide the security and maintain law and order.where did it says that it was a man exclusive gathering and women were not suppose to go ?


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ان کنجروں کو سوراخ پر لوہے کا گرم داغ دو۔ پھر نہیں کریں گے۔
۔مگر یہ عام لوگ کیا کرتے رہے۔ یہ کونسا شہر ہے۔ بے غیرت لوگ
یہ شوباز شریف کا شہر ہے
اب سمجھ جاو خود
اور ہے بہی اندڑون شہڑ


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Aas Pass Rewar na hota to bach ke knha jana tha iss londy me, her koi bus himat ker ke moqy ki talash me laga hua hae...

Sohail Shuja

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These women in the Rickshaw are to be blamed. The men are not to be blamed.
It is because these women are roaming around without a Mehram. Islam doesn't allow that.

Don't be surprised to read my above comments. I saw Dr. Farhat Hashmi's following comments yesterday.


see this

عائشہ کیس میں ہمارے معاشرے کا مکرُو چہرہ ہرگز نہیں​

Of course, I was in shock. And I was in further shock when another woman from our Forum appreciated Dr Farhat Hashmi's comment of blaming the Girl Aisha at Minar-r-Pakistan for her sexual abuse because she was out without a Mehram.

Dr Farhat Hashmi wrote " عائشہ کیس میں ہمارے معاشرے کا مکرُو چہرہ ہرگز نہیں ہے "
And see what one of our females wrote in reponse.
Lubna Khan wrote "Thanks @ Farhat Hashmi for guiding in this matter "

So which world you guys are living in? If you find a woman or women without a Mahram, You have a full right to abuse that woman or women. Soon you will see some members including women will blame the women in Rickshaw for the above incident.
Hope you also went through the reply regarding "Herd Behavior" 🙂
I am planning to write something on this tomorrow. Shall tag you in that post..... stay tuned 🧐


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Jitni jald mumkin ho shria qanuun nafiz karna chahiye....jahan aise mardon ko sar e aam hunter lagai jain... in hamlon ka ek faida ho sakta hai ke khwateen bhi hijab lena shuru kar den..


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بے غیرت جہاں جنسی زیادتی ہو رہی تھی اس وقت تیرے جیسے مرد کدھر ہوتے ہیں؟
پہلے بگڑے ہوئے مردوں کی اصلاح کرو پھر سزائیں دینا کھوتے
اگر مقصد صرف مخالفت ہے تو صحیح جا رہے ہو۔ ویسے بھی تم کو اڑتے تیر لینے کا کافی شوق لگتا ہے۔ قادیانیوں کی بھی ہمدردی کرتے ہو اور منافقوں کی بھی


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disgusting. Same should be done to victim blamers’ families, then we will see how they defend this behaviour. Today I feel ashamed of being a Punjabi.

these appear to be youth wings of PTI, they appear to be encouraged by their leaders misogynistic remarks about women.

someone needs to put a full stop to this new barbaric breed we are seeing now. Such behaviour was never heard of in the past.
Exactly inn ka apna leader jawani meh aik lose character playboy tha. Saari duniya meh yehi harkatein karta phirta tha.

Baad meh bhi dharna container k baher youtiyo ko naachnay pe lagga k khud Reham Khan se flirt…

jab inn ka Gurru hi aisa ha tou What else can one expect from Qom-e-Youth?
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