Army continues to support govt according to Constitution - COAS Bajwa


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For Govt. with in Constition Means,
According to Constitution, in house change is legitimate ...
For Opposition:
On Saudis Deman to Get Nawaz Sharif Out of jail, and send him to London ... No problem of constitution


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Nawaz sheriff family is now a threat to sovergnity of pakistan the alliance of the sherifs and zardari with their vast billions ill gotten looted wealth is a threat to pakistan .They are prone to outside help to protect their billions and they can became agents harmfull to pakistan.Their economic clout must be neutralised.Today sheriff challenging the army which is the only power which has held the country from breaking. The sheriffs have take own the army head on because they have the financial for a long drawn war .This can not be allowed in a democratic country. The sheriff threatening the judiciary and also using its vast billions to unseat the government of imran khan by undemocratic means which is a treasonable offence.The people of pakistan must stop the designs of this wicked greedy and corrupt family for the sake of the future generations and bury them deep in the country so other corrupt family dare destroy pakistan.
Pakistan painabad nawazu haram daulat mordabad .zia ul haque has by default created a frankestein monster which has lost control
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