Bilawal Bhutto's turn


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Bhaiyo Jaag jao, din main khawab dekhna chor doh, Iss system k hote howe kabhi bhi koi bhi elite class ka kuch bhi nahi bigar sakta, we have many many examples in front of us.


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Total how many eyes do you have???
Haha my comment was for the doubt-ful who think the only things happening in this world are the ones he/she sees with his two eyes and nothing else. Where as, lots happen behind your back all the time you can't see. So they better have two more eyes on the back to see it all.
Haha ...I only have two eyes too like the rest of you but I have the ability to turn my head 360 degrees so I don't miss a thing....😄
BTW did you ever see the movie The Exorcist by Linda Blair?
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