Bitcoin Mining ⛏ in Pakistan 🇵🇰


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Guys stay away from this. Or pls do some research if its halal or not. Dnt buy hell just for some pennies.


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1. I assure you that the govt doesn't even understand the technology
2. Even If they do, IMF is already holding sord on our heads. They don't like Bitcoin even one bit, jo unn ki ijaradaari khatam kar de. Right now Pakistani govt can't even think about making them further upset
Sword 😂😂😂


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bitcoin mining is not possible in Pakistan.Jo bach kuchi bijli hai wo bhi khatam ho jaye gi.uper se bijli mehngi bhi hai.lets suppose you earn $10 a day with your mining rig but your bijli bill is like then $12 a day so where is the profit ? check all those who are running mining factories with tons of graphic cards , electricity is damn cheap there.


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bitcoin mining and bitcoin trading are different things,i thing trading is baned not mining.


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اچھی فیلڈ ھے مگر مت لگانا پیسے ادھر پاکستانی گورمنت نقصان کرا دے گی لیگل سٹیٹس کلیر نھیں ھے۔
جب تک پاکستانی سٹیٹ بنک کیس نھیں ھارتا یا گورمینٹ لا نھیں بناتی ۔


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These kids just get over whelmed by cryto shit
1-crypto is just a form of curruncy which is origin less so cant be regulated
2- mining can only be done profitably if the cheap electricity, low taxation and high rate of crypto is available
3-Due to highly volatile rates and few big player making money on the expense of poor population exactly how gambling works
4-not a single crypto trading in our local market so revenue for govt
5-A lot of foreign exchange is wasted every year for learning and Ponzi schemes run by people like waqar zaka and binance and common people get robbed
So my 2-cents ban this crypto shit and let the people contribute in local economy
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