China the upcoming Tech GIANT!


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Inspite of all efforts by Chinese companies still the best phone is Apple and Samsung, as compare to other electronics chinese companies are still vary far in technology and standard. Japanes and German's electronics are more good


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Chinese are more smart..They built the tech which common man can afford..while West Tech only for rich peoples... So you figure out how much world population are poor to middle class and how much rich....then you will say Chinese are more smart intelligent than West in industry..

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What about..Watsup..FB..YouTube.. Google .. Instagram.. Skype threats for personal data theft.. monitor??
No medias will do show.. articles on it..
True...even though Facebook couldn't satisfy regarding the privacy in their hearing but its all about who do you want to expose. This policy is not going to work for long.


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they have talent and will but still 100 years away to be a world power
No dear .. not 100 years..within decade.. China will become super power in all respect..US and West spending trillions on Wars.. imposing wars in others countries from decades...While China...they didn't involve in any wars during that periods..They working hard to prosper .Now time is come..You see suddenly since last 7 years China is going to show her military power.. economic strength.. relationship with ignored countries...More aggressive in International level..while before.. Chinese were very passive in all international matters... China waits long time for the right time..and this come now..
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