China's crazy Surveillance system - Would we allow such a thing in Pak?


MPA (400+ posts)
As far as I know, we already have a Chinese Surveillance system with face recognition capabilities installed in all major cities. It is called the Safe City Project.


Minister (2k+ posts)
It's like that in modern countries. We all are being monitored from our smartphones anyways. So it is what it is.


Senator (1k+ posts)
We definitely need it, our crimes rates of kidnapping, car jacking, motorcycle stealing, mobile snatching are worst in the world. This user who posted with title is probably a corrupt + thief


Minister (2k+ posts)
This is sick....human are recognized with their free will...such control is ultra virus that right of freedom and dignity...obedience of govt/laws is fine...but what about disagreement...what if that law is unjust....China and Chinese has full right what they want in their country...but for me its rejected...nothing can be precious than persons freedom to choose and exercise (off course with in the balance and might not unnecessary affect others)...This is how God has created us...this is what makes us human...

Sohail Shuja

Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
What a pathetic sort of antagonist propaganda from Europe, as if, they don't have these monitoring systems installed in their streets.....

According to their estimate the UK has one camera for every 14 people.

and lets see about Germany:

In essence, I am only worried about the amount of energy consumed in running these systems and the e-waste they create.

Otherwise, no level of law enforcement has ever seen such a discipline in the masses after installing these public mass surveillance systems.

Moreover, it had helped to trace many criminal activities, rendering safety to many places which were a no go area in the past.
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