Clean-up the Army Clean Pakistan


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The biggest damage caused by giving extension has appeared before the people. We by-passed Intellects like Gen Tariq Khan and others and apppointed a person who looks like a woman who has been divorced twice because of being filthy inthe kitchen and bed.


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Army ke jawano par fakhar ha.Wo aj bhi Watan par apni janain rooz qurban kar rehay hain...Lekan ab Generals par fakhar nahi raha..Belkay dukh aur afsos ha un par..

Arrest Warrant

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bohat zakaat dy di bhai... apnay fakay par gai hain ab to....
Naheen bhai. Abhi to asal zakat deney ka time aaya hai.
Khul ker zakat deney ka.
Akhhri boond tak zakat deney ka.
Inhon ne apni wardio per sirf amreeki jhandey naheen lagaye hain, harkatey sari amreeki fojio wali hain.

It is not us who need to provide our certificates of patriotism. it is now their duty to show love for Volk and country.
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