Despite 80 raids, Punjab Police still couldn't catch motorway rapist


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Abid Ali , Kayani, Iftikhar Ch , Asim Bajwa , Tareen Sharifs Tania Idrus Aleema Khan are real heroes of Punjab.


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The model town massacre fame is protecting this vile creature Abid Ali.

If by chance Omar Shaikh team arrest this Sub human in cahoots with Punjab slave police of Khanzeer Heera Mundee born Shareefs, these criminals will kill him.

1. Punjab Police 100% Involved?

2. 95% Involved?

3. 90% Involved?

4. Bureaucracy, 100% Involved.

Supposed 80 raids and these mothers effing think Khanzeer Shareefs will come back in power?..

40 year rule of pimps prostitutes gays, child rapist in Punjab have destroyed the moral fabric of society.

Shareef must face firing squad.

Vote express your views.
Pakistan Zindabad.


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Punjab is free for all,no law and order,total collapse of police system.All credit goes to ImranKhan.
Punjab Police was a pet Project of Nawaz & Showbaz....
They spend much efforts to build up the notorious Punjab Police over a period of long 30 years.
All Gullu Butts of PMLN has been recruited for Punjab Police without any merit.

The dirts will not be washed away in a mere 2 years time.....
A minimum 5 years would be needed to clean the filths.
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