Didn't run away, I was in London for my son's birth - Zulfi Bukhari


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Those commenting upon Bukhari being a part of more than one ministry should really shake their heads like a teen ka dabba and remember how many ministries were being run by Showbaz as minister-18 to recollect.


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Pakistani media channels really hate this guy
they present him to be corrupt like vijay mallya or nirav modi


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So he was born in the UK and is a British national, so are his wife and Children. Then what stake has he got in the welfare of ordinary Pakistanis?

why are normal Pakistanis, who are born and raised in Pakistan not good enough to serve in the government? What exactly are this Zulfi Bukhari’s achievements?

This Zulfi Bukhari is just another parchi like Chaudhary Sarwar, who have turned up after PTI was brought into power to cash in. Lanat hai in moqa parasto pe aur inn k booto wallay Masters per. Pakistan ko apnay baap ka maal samjha huwa hai.

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