Do humans have needed knowledge to discuss God, revelation and creation properly?


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Bro, do you seriously think anybody here reads the mini novels you post on the regular.

Dear citizen x, just because you don't read books people write, does not mean no body else reads them. Had people not read what people write we will not have reading and writing culture at all.

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I'm more fluent and comfortable in English than Urdu but I still do not read his ramblings. His entire lengthy rigmarole is nothing more than to promote that weirdo Ghulam Ahmed Pervez and his lunacy.

Dear citizen x, your responses to my posts only expose your own mindset, attitude and behaviour. Do I need say anything?

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انگریجی میں اس لئے لکھا ہے کہ کوئی یہ نہ سمجھے کہ ہمیں انگریجی نہیں آتی مگر ہمیں زیادہ پیار اردو سے ہے اور اردو کو ہر حال میں ترجیح دیتے ہیں کیونکہ اپنی زبان اردو پیاری زبان اردو قومی زبان اردو اگر ہماری اپنی زبان نہ ہوتی تو پھر انگریجی مجبوری ہوتی مگر اللہ کا لاکھ لاکھ شکر ہے کہ اللہ نے ہمیں اپنی زبان دی ہے اور ہمیں انگریزی کے مقابلے میں احساس کمتری کا شکار نہیں کیا آئی گل سمجھ شریف میں

azeezam taban sb, angrezi main is liye likhaa hai ke ye aik international zabaan hai aur doosra is main bahot kaam huwa jis ki wajah se baaten asaani se samajh main aa jaati hen. urdu mujhe aati hai magar kyunkeh main english key board per asaani se likh sakta hun is liye urdu bhi english hi main likhta hun. warna keyboard per keys dhoondte dhoondte baat hi zehn se nikal jaati hai. kuchh umer ka bhi taqaaza hai.

mujhe kisi bhi zubaan se koi masla nahin hai keh sab zabaane insaanu hi ki hen aur in ko seekhna musalmaanu ke liye zaroori hai jahaan tak ho sake taa keh woh deene islam ka saheeh paighaam deegar insaanu ko pohnchaa saken un ki apni zabaanu main. is main mujhe kuchh bhi burayee nazar nahin aati.

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Dear citizen x, your responses to my posts only expose your own mindset, attitude and behaviour. Do I need say anything?

regards and all the best.
As the saying goes, jo mukka lardai ke baat yaad aye woh apne aap ko maar lene chaiye! Replying to a 1.5 month old post of mine, just to get it out of your system! Jeez how petty are you that you are going through my old posts just to get back at me 😂 😂 😂 😂


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So far I have explained only a few key points about why human beings face problems when they try to understand the quranic text. It should be therefore clear to all as to why humans must come to know things I am explaining before they could try to understand the quranic text. I am going to try and explain some more key points which hopefully will help people understand the quran properly.

When human beings write their books, they have in their minds purposes for which they write their books. The very same is true about God. It will be very foolish for us human beings to think that God will send us a book that has no purpose at all to serve. This purpose is or has to be guidance for humanity from God. Guidance about what? Information regarding why God created humans and all the rest and what things and people are supposed to do so that the purpose for which God has set up this stage could become fulfilled. Not only that but this information must also contain such information in it which proves the book God sent beyond any reasonable doubt and not a human creation.

By reading the quranic text we cannot fail to see that God does have a purpose for revealing his message. The purpose has been explained already ie God created his creation for his purpose according to his own plan so he gave people his messages to explain to them his program so that they carry it out faithfully for sake of goodness of humanity and God. No doubt therefore that it is the purpose that gives this book the quran its proper context. Once humanity has established properly a proper human community in the kingdom of God then both God and humanity will become very pleased with each other. Humanity will become very pleased with God because God has given it the needed guidance that will help it establish kingdom of God and God will be very pleased with humanity because people will have worked very, very hard to fulfil the purpose for which God has created it. This is how God and humanity will end up as if patting each other's back. All because God wanted to express himself and he wanted someone to appreciate him so he ended up creating things that he has created. This creation that we see is not necessarily the very first creation of God nor the very last. God uses word AALAAMEEN in the quran ie worlds. So there could be countless number of worlds ie very many, not this one alone.

Anyway the main point to realise for us human beings is that we human beings learn things by trial and error method. That is what we have been doing right from day we were born. This is when science started for us ie we interacted or experimented or played with things directly and learned from that and we have been building upon that knowledge always generation after generation. On our journey of discovery, as we first learn simple things that leads us to start making sense of more and more complex or difficult things be they about real world realities or revelation of God. Our amazement never comes to an end ie we always find something new to surprise ourselves with.

The question now is, how to find the proper context of the quranic text? We can do that by reading the quranic text as a random text but we must try and remember whatever we read in it so that once we have read it for information in it the information is not forgotten or lost because we will have to connect the pieces of that information in such a way that it makes the best possible sense to us. In a way we are merely collecting data randomly but then we are going to arrange or organise the data in way that makes proper sense to us. It is a process like gathering data for statistical purposes and then setting it up the way it makes sense.

The quranic data will very clearly show that it is about a way of life for mankind. It tells people one way of life is right for them to live by and any other way of life is wrong because it will harm or destroy them by hands of each other due to being based upon idea of personal gains at each other's expense. The way of life mainly involves human society, its set up, its politics, its culture and its economics and all the rest is its detail. This is why if we take away these things from the way of life told in the quran then the quran serves no purpose at all for humanity. This is why to think deen of islam has nothing to do with politics or economics etc is not and cannot be proper understanding of the quranic message as already explained. The quranic text is like pieces of a complete jig-saw puzzle which need to be put together properly before the true picture becomes obvious to us. This involves a lot of very hard work by the pioneers and once they have done it from then on it will become just like any other teaching taught in schools etc. It has become hard only because people who were given the quran originally to spread it properly worldwide for their best future forgot its proper context themselves due to becoming slack in their duty to God and humanity after the passing away of the final God sent messenger. This is why it has become a huge task for mankind to rediscover its proper context from scratch again and it can be done if people put needed effort and hard work in it and they will when all else fails for them or when they run out of all nonsensical excuses.

Once the true message in the quran is decoded properly by individuals the book will become alive again but till then humanity has a huge task on its hand if they truly desire blissful, dignified and secure existence as a proper human community in the kingdom of God. The reason why they should work on the quranic text is because otherwise killings of people by people will not stop and terrible agonising human suffering will not come to an end. I became aware of lots of things about the quran during my endeavour for understanding the quran properly which I am sharing here for benefit of others. Rest is all up to individuals themselves. I will carry on doing what I can but if more and more people will get involved in this work, we will be able to get where we need to be much quicker and much easier. This will help cut down our painful suffering by hands of each other for so many in this world.

My work on the quran can help people know the purpose and context of the quranic text. However I am now going to explain how to build on that. For this the main rule is, the quran must be understood through the quran in light of real world realities. This means whoever reads the quran must be reasonably aware of the real world realities to a reasonable degree. The quranic text therefore must be interpreted rationally and not irrationally as mullaans have done for last 1400 years. This means one should have reasonably good knowledge of a human language, particularly in sense of words and their meanings as already explained in detail as well as the mechanism involved. It is because if one meaning of a word renders the quranic text contradictory or senseless then one has to try interpreting it with another meaning of the very same word. This is why if one is very limited in his vocabulary or has no sense of mechanism involved in word and their meanings then such a person cannot make proper sense of the quranic text just by knowing how to speak arabic language. The quran requires that any person who tries to understand it properly must know real world realities and all that is necessary to know about the human language otherwise one can forget it.

Once one has these capabilities as already explained then the next rule is very straightforward, which is knowing the structure of the quranic text. The structure of the quranic text is such that it discusses issues or things in an interactive way so that a person who reads the quran is forced to use his own brain to connect the dots or seemingly missing links. For example, we have been hearing that the quran tells its supporters to kill those who oppose it. It does but here is the catch, it also tells its supporters not to kill those who oppose it. Is this not a clear cut contradiction in the quran? No, it is not. Why not? It is because the quran also tells its supporters why ie why kill the kaafirs and why not to kill the kaafirs. This means God has given his reasons for people due to which and according to which people must act. This is why the quran must be read in own its proper context. So there are reasons which allow or disallow killing of people by people. This is why we all take out anti social elements from circulation in our own societies. This is why we have armies, police, courts and prisons or death chambers etc etc. So if anyone tries to portray the quran as a book of war instead of peace then one has to justify one's such claims about the quran otherwise one proves oneself a clear cut fool or a senseless person.

While I am at it let me also explain the legal system of the quran. Quranic shariah is only that which is consistent with the quranic declared purpose and its related aims and objectives. Any other interpretation of the quran is neither acceptable nor can be proven true against the quranic context. The declared or assigned objective of God for humanity is that, it should bring about a human society in the kingdom of God which reflects greatness of God as well as greatness of humanity ie the best of God and the best of humanity. It is because God is supposed to be great in the eyes of humanity due to giving human beings the best possible way of life to live by that cannot be paralleled or equalled by anyone ever. Likewise greatness of humanity in the eyes of God is supposed to be due to its such magnanimous efforts and hard works based upon its own freewill due to which people end up establishing a proper human community in the kingdom of God. This is how God will end up pleased with humanity and humanity will end up pleased with God. This is how God will be appreciated by humanity and humanity will be appreciated by God.

This is why quranic guidance or guidelines are absolutely necessary for humanity to follow for creating a proper constitution to base themselves upon as a proper human community in the kingdom of God and to legislate laws according to those aims and objectives for regulating themselves towards that end which God assigned for humanity. This is why no constitution and its laws can be taken as islamic which are not in line with the quranic program that is purpose based, the purpose for which God has created humanity and all the rest of the creation.

The next important point is to understand lawful and unlawful concept in deen of islam. In the proper quranic context it is not things that are lawful and unlawful but having or using them. In short things are things and God has created them to serve the purposes which God has assigned them and that is why they cannot be lawful or unlawful. Only their uses by humanity can be lawful or unlawful. For example, one cannot be right in asking whether a gun is halaal or haraam or lawful or unlawful. It is an absurd question because it does not make sense so things cannot be lawful or unlawful. Likewise if one asks, is pig halaal or haraam then that too is absurd because tyhe question does not make sense on its own . The right question is, is it legal to make or have or use a gun? If the reason for which one makes or has or uses a gun is right then to make or to have or to use a gun is legal or lawful or legitimate but if not then it is unlawful or illegal or illegitimate to make or have or use a gun. Likewise one can ask if something is halaal or haraam to make or have or use or do etc etc. Food can also be halaal or haraam ie legal or illegal in the similar context. Even eating the cow or sheep or goat or camel meat can be haraam if the animal is not kept halaal way or gotten halaal way or killed halaal way etc etc. Meat that is rotten or gone off or bad or becomes spoiled even if it was originally halaal will turn haraam due to being harmful or damaging or destructive for human consumption for health reasons.

These points I am explaining are very useful for proper understanding of the quranic text. This is how all the nonsense mullaans talk about should become very obvious for people of knowledge who wish to know the truth about things about deen of islam. The rest of people are themselves as bad as mullaans or even worse who show their ignorance by attacking the quran without having proper knowledge about it. Here let me also state the fact that to create a proper constitution or to form laws according to it, is right of the ummah as a whole and not right of any individual no matter how knowledgeable and wise one is. Moreover constitution and its laws must be relevant to the stage the ummah has reached in its God assigned mission ie is ummah just a block of people living in a land with other people as a minority or do they have a land where in they are a majority? As a minority ummah has different responsibilities and as a majority it has different responsibilities. Likewise while there is no ummah at all then individuals who support the quranic ideology have very different responsibilities. There responsibility is only to learn the quran properly and teach it others faithfully. Ummah only comes to being if individuals come together to form an ummah not otherwise and people will only form an ummah if they like the message in the quran provided it is explained properly or faithfully.

While I am at it let me also explain the fact that in deen of islam all objectives and laws from God are permanent and not abrogate-able. However there are different laws for different situations or circumstances this is why idea of abrogation is not even needed. Mullaans failed badly to understand this very important point therefore they created absurd idea of abrogation of the revelations of God as well. Not only that they also came up with idea of abrogation of some verses of the quran itself. The fact is, it was right of God to plan things as he wanted right from the start. So he decided what he will do for what sort of period of time. This is why each and everything happens only for a duration of time already decided by God so there is no need for God to abrogate anything.

Likewise mullaans have invented idea about reasons for revelations of various verses or surahs of the quran. This is nonsense because God has been guiding humanity ever since it began to understand and make sense of things as I have explained already. This is why the quran cannot be interpreted according to whims or desires of individuals. It is because the quranic text needs to be justified as consistent within itself as well as in light of real world realities. For example, as explained already the quran is book of deen of islam and not a holy book of a religion called islam. It is because islam is not a religion but a proper way of life from God for humanity to live by so that humanity could make this world a paradise for their own living as a proper human community in the kingdom of God. Religion is all about baseless beliefs and useless ritualism or lip service that beneti no one.


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For better understaning of deen of the quran see HERE and HERE.

Origin and development of human language issue is straightforward one.

Think about how capable God has created human beings ie he has given us huge potential and ability to learn things and that is why we are very good at figuring out things right from the day we are born. This is why we learn how to use our body parts and bodies. This is why we very soon learn how to see or hear or feel or taste or smell things and what they mean for us. We soon learn how to use our hands and feet etc etc. So our brains are very good at figuring out anything and everything to a degree we need to.

This being the case to begin with, learning how to communicate with each other through speaking or reading or writing was not such a mystery for us that we could not figure out for ourselves and that is exactly what we did. This is how we ended up coding our gestures and noises for each other and we learned ways of decoding them. This is the process whereby we communicate with each other right from the day we are born. In order to preserve information from generation to generation for our own future and our future generations we invented various methods such as reading and writing methods. Just as the noises we heard or made became meaningful for us so the scratches or marks we made anywhere also became meaningful for us. We tried writing down our information in form of pictures and from pictures we ended up with letters and with letters we ended up writing words etc etc. We have been trying to invent things which could help us preserve records of information and that is how we ended up with computers. However, any time we get stuck for communication the way we do it now, we always go back to our long past and start again. This is why to decode the quranic message we need to do exactly the same. I will explain as we go along the reason why information from God takes us back to basics. One thing we must remember is that we always preserved our mental concepts. For example, if we wanted to express word chair from our minds then we had each and every aspects about chair in our minds and that is why word chair means a lot of different things. Likewise word God also has many meanings in our minds. The reason is naming words contain all the possible descriptions of the things that go with them.

So knowing information about origin and development of human language is important in general but in the context of the alleged revelation of God it is particularly of vital importance as it will become clear after my explanation. The question is, why it is of such fundamental importance? It is important because we are not born knowing all there is to know and we need to learn things before we could discuss things whether they are true or false or right or wrong or why or how etc etc. This is why we cannot jump the gun ie we cannot discuss the quran till we come to know things about human language which we must come to know if we wish to understand the quran properly in its proper context. Just as we could not run as soon as we were born rather before doing so we had to learn how to sit up or crawl or stand up or walk etc etc likewise we must start learning things about language right from the start. All this takes time but not much time once someone teaches us things. That cuts down millions of years into a very short period of time as already explained in my explanation of learning methods.

Knowing things about human language will help us decode language and message of God just like we decode messages between ourselves and other things on this planet, so it is very important that we try to have some sense about human language as well so that we then could see how the quran uses the language to convey to us its message. If we have no idea why the quran is using the human language the way it is then how can we know what it is trying to tell us or teach us? Just suppose one has phds in all fields of knowledge and one has a newborn baby, can one teach to that newborn baby everything one knows right away? No way, rather one needs to wait and give the baby needed time to grow with time as regard learning and doing things so that the baby is able to catch up with things one wishes to teach the baby gradually. This is why having idea of things we experienced in our lives is not just very important but vitally important. It is of vital importance to look at a baby as to how he learns language and uses it. Just like a baby learns things by direct experience of things as I have explained in detail already so he learns the human language as well. let us think about process of learning of human language between a mother and her baby for example.

A baby tries to make sense of things the baby senses by sensing and doing things and that is how he learns using his senses or limbs or rest of his body etc. Likewise baby becomes aware or figures it out that when he cries he gets attention of his mother. Mother also learns and interprets language of her baby. Just now they do not use words as we know them rather they simply use noises. Baby uses crying noise for example each time he needs attention of his mother. Mother due to her experience with her baby eventually learns or figures out the signal sent by the baby in form of his crying that he is hungry or needs his nappy changed etc etc as baby cannot tell her about thing in words yet, but the question is, what are words? Just noises like crying or signals. This is the beginning of communication between mother and baby. Gradually as baby grows this language become complex. It is because at the starts baby uses the very same noise or sound for lot of different things. This is the origin of the very same sound or let us say the very same word or gesture meaning very many different things. So people who say this or that word cannot mean this and that and the other prove very wrong right at the very start of this discussion. Even word this mean everything nearby regardless of its any other name and the same is true about word that ie everything away from us that or that thing. This is what we do when we are talking with each other if we do not know each other's language. We may go to a shop and ask the shopkeeper please give us that or that thing if we do not know the name of it.

As this baby grows bigger and bigger and he can make more and more sounds and gestures, the language becomes more and more complex. As more and more words and gestures become available to the baby to express himself better and better, the baby language becomes more and more precise but never never fully precise because there are so many things to learn about in life for people that we have no words for or we cannot remember them all in our heads. So from one word for everything the baby now uses more words for more things to talk about them. This is how human language starts from one word or gesture for everything and then a lot of different words and gestures for a lot of different things. This helps human mind grow a lot because as baby learns to figure our new words or noises or gestures so we grown ups try to figure out what baby is saying or doing now and what it means for us and the baby. It is a situation like two people who do not know language of each other how they try to figure each other out. This struggle for learning things helps our brains a lot in growing and becoming cleverer,

New learning saves baby from explaining things in detail and helps his mother understand her baby better as time passes but misunderstandings still carry on because humans are still learning things even today and they need each other's explanations to help them understand each other's points better. Interpretation or explanation is all about decoding information for each other's understanding. With time some things become a standard and for the rest we carry on explanations till they become a communication standard. This is why human language is not a simple thing to understand. All those people who talk a lot of nonsense they lack this awareness about how they became possessors of a human language in the first place. Human language is not clear till we clarify it for ourselves for our own uses or purposes for communications between ourselves. This is why we create educational institutions to standardise things between ourselves to help us get through life with help of each other.

Now if we open up any worthwhile dictionary of any human language then it will clearly tell us various meanings of the very same word, particularly of those words used currently a lot. Not only that, we will also be told the terminology as well ie the way we have defined words for any particular uses. So to think or say the human language is simple or precise is not true rather we try to make it as precise as we can for whatever purpose we choose to use the language for. It is just like mathematical expressions where in we say this number equals this etc. For example, we can write 10=1+9 or 2+8 or 2x5 or 20/2 etc etc. Likewise words have so many meanings and they work the same way.

Now think about it, this is the situation between human beings who have been living with each other for God knows how long. How about people understanding language of God? Can they? No way. The reason is, God is not our close relative or next door neighbour that we can chat with each other directly each and every day and clarify things for each other. This is why to think if God gave us a book using our human language words then we can have no difficulty in understanding it is not the right way to think. If we have hard time understanding each other then we have even harder time understanding words of God. It is because God is conveying his own thoughts for us by using our own human language which we have not fully grasped yet.

For example, we go back to being babies any time we get stuck with language problem eg imagine an urdu speaking guy who only knows urdu and nothing else and some how he ends up among a people who only speak english, how are they going to communicate to each other? You guest it. They will go back to gestures and noises and gradually learn to communicate with each other. The very same idea we need to use with book from God ie we need to become babies to find out what it might be saying to us from the scratch. However our attempts to decode words in the book of God leads us all over the place because we all come from so many different backgrounds and we each have baggage of our own life experiences. So we are mostly forced to look at things the wrong way because we do not have the right way and that is how we end up differing from each other. But if we will understand these problems in our way then we will end up working together on this project for decoding the message of God properly and by fighting each other we will only confuse each other more and more and as a result we will end up causing more and more problems for each other and suffer thereby by hands of each other.

When it comes to decoding message of God, we are like babies and God is a highly knowledgeable being. We have no way to know what is meant by God when he talks to us. It is because we do not know things about things about which we talk but God fully knows what he is talking about. If God talks about human beings, he knows them inside out but do we? No. We only know what we have been able to find out so far about human beings after so many of our human generations. It is still going to take a lot more time for us to know more about human beings because we have been busy fighting each other for our petty personal gains at each other's expense instead of working as a team to learn what we needed to learn to have a great life in this world by working hard for it. God knows how many more generations will perish due to their deliberately remaining ignorant or due to keeping each other ignorant for purposes of exploitation or abusive use of each other. Yet these like people dare to talk about the quran about which they never bothered to learn much in the first place, be they name sake muslims or nonmuslims.

This is why if we want the best possible world for ourselves and our future generations then we need to learn the quran properly and to do so we need to discover a method for decoding message of God properly just as we have learned to decode messages of each other. Most human beings are very lazy and very crazy when it comes to learning knowledge which seems of no benefit for people. If they were not then we could not be in the terrible situation that we are in today. Moreover many instead of helping each other are always placing barriers or hurdles in the way of each other in order to trip each other. One can see how we have created the idea of intellectual property copyright etc for example and its affects. We are doing anything and everything to hold each other back from learning proper sense and we are also holding each other down for as long as we can and any how we can yet we talk about human rights and this and that etc etc. The more ignorant and immoral the people are the louder they shout about morality about which they know nothing at all. Wherever we need cooperation or help and full support of each other, we do our best to create hurdles or problems or difficulties or troubles for each other for our petty personal gains at each other's expense.

This shows our utter lack of morality and concern for humanity. We talk about better world for our future generations but we do everything to ruin their chances to a best possible life in this world. This is why so many of our generations have perished after very long and terribly painful suffering by hands of each other. Why we do almost all that is bad in our lives to each other? Only and only because we are ignorant or foolish or stupid or we are deliberately deceiving each other by our nice talk but harmful and destructive works due to our ignorance about what is true and right or what is false and wrong. We don't miss any chance for ruining each other any way we can to stay on the top of each other. This very clearly shows that we have not based ourselves upon right foundation for living properly in this world and we do not want to learn about what that proper foundation is otherwise how could so many of human generations perish this way over such a long time? We are just trying to fool each other all the time rather than finding out by ourselves or from each other the proper foundation that we should have for our betterment as a human population fully concerned about our true well being.

Anyway since we need a method to decode message of God therefore we need to become aware of the fact that good dictionaries we already have need to be understood by us because they contain in them words and their meanings as well as why those word have those meanings. This gives us mechanism whereby we can come up with new possible meanings of the very same words that are already part of human language. This is the kind of dictionary humanity needs for decoding communication from God and I am writing such a dictionary already and it is a huge project or undertaking. It is because when I carry out my research of this nature, I end up with up to 30 a4 size pages just for meaning of a particular root. So one can see how many pages I am going to end up with for a whole dictionary based upon words used in the quran for example. It is a very time consuming exercise. This is only one thing we need to go through after figuring out the purpose of the text. The other problem is figuring out the meaning of the text in a way that it makes perfect sense to us. No one has done much work on these things yet because human beings have not yet become aware of the vital importance of having such works in order to help us figure out things.

Another point to take note of is, we assume that we speak different languages but is that really true? If we have the very same ancestors then how could we end up speaking different languages? Does the idea of speaking different languages mean we have come down from different ancestors? If our ancestors are the same then how we ended up speaking so called different languages?

Before continuing here is how the questions I raised could be answered. According to the so far known information, we have common ancestry. Even if we went back on our own human family tree, we should be able to clearly see that. Some of us are more closely related to others than the rest just like we have parents and grandparents and great grand parents and so on and so forth. Just like some of us are first cousins and second cousins and third cousin etc etc so we are cousins of cousins of cousins etc etc. So it is very safe to say that all human beings who are alive today (say nearly 8 billion of us) are at least distant cousins if not first cousins to each other. If we look at tree of life, we humans are not only related to each other but also to rest of living things because we all come from the very same tree of life. This is why we have a number of common genes with each other to some degree. So humans, animals and plants are all from the very same distant ancestry. If we go yet back in time we end up being just subatomic particles that existed in the very same space like fish in a fish tank moving about at random. In short no matter what we are, we are just things living in the very same vacuum or space or place. It therefore should be very clear for all of us that God has created or evolved things from things. That is how we are here today.

Why things are different from each other? It is because God decided to create things for his own purposes and because they were supposed to serve different purposes in the grand scheme of God according to his plan and purpose. When we decide to build a building we gather different things to be part of the very same building because they serve different purposes in the building so in a similar way God needed to create so many different things to serve different purposes in the very same house built by God. So we human beings who exist today are children of the very same ancestors. This is why we communicate with each other the very same way as we have learned from each other down our generations. In that case why do we speak many different languages when we all started the very same way?


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It is because there are times when we are together and there are also times when we separate from each other for our own reasons. Sometimes our separations are non-permanent but at other times they are permanent. In case of non-permanent separations some people go away from the main group and come back or keep in touch with the main group but in case of permanent separation that does not happen and people become a separate group of people. Since people always learn new things wherever they are so they need new words or new meanings of words to continue life with new discoveries they make and new things they invent wherever they are. As generations pass over time the new words and meanings people invent due to their new inventions or discoveries they become new languages for them after some generations. These are not the only reasons why new languages came about but also some people want to keep some things secret from others so they keep inventing more an more secret codes between themselves. These are the only main reasons where by we ended up speaking different languages which are basically the very same in their origin if we trace them backwards. In other words all human languages are original because they are based on the very same original idea. This is why we can build family trees of languages just as we can build our family trees.

Now the question, why do we need such dictionaries as I propose? We need such dictionaries for a very simple reason which is the fact that God knows all there is to know but we do not. We only know what we come to know after learning it over a period of time. Same is the problems with our human language. We do not and we cannot know future things and we are hardly sure about our past much. Not only that we also do not know our present very well either. The simple fact is that if we are paying attention to things in front of us, we have no idea what is going on between things behind our back or on our sides. It is because all other things are out of our focus of attention as we are very limited in our capabilities for they are only given to us by God for serving a particular purpose for which we are created by God. Now God being a God is bound to talk about past, present and future so he has to use many words for that purpose however he cannot use words for us about which we cannot have any idea at all as to what they are about during the time of the revelation of God. However the meanings of those word only become clear to us with time, Meanwhile the human language keeps on expanding all the time through out the human worlds because we keep inventing and discovering new things all the time for which we need new words and new meanings to be able to talk about them or to be able to explain them to each other. So we keep extending meanings of existing words and where we get stuck we coin new words and define them for our purposes and so on and so forth. Since God used words in his book are for a particular time period as God does not send his messengers and books everyday, so we need to be able to interpret messages of God for the duration of the God sent message.

This is how we end up misinterpreting God sent scripture a lot because the time has not yet come for those realities to become known for us. This is the point all people must focus on fully to understand the main reason why God sent scripture needs reinterpretations all the time because as time moves forward so does human understanding of things due to new inventions and discoveries. People of old could not know what we have come to know and our future generations will come to know things about which we have little or no idea at all. The book of God ought to remain relevant to the reality at all times because God is always aware of all things so this calls for its new interpretations by human beings and this is why we need dictionaries which could tell us possible meanings of words used in the book of God not just meanings used by a people just in their own time. This is why the quran tells us we humans are going to discover a lot of new things generation after generation about which we have no idea yet. This will keep on happening till eventually it becomes very obvious for human beings that the quran is truly word of God or from God.

We all know mullaans are focusing on vital importance of ancient interpretations of the quran rather than writing the newer ones which could explain the quran in light of current knowledge of humanity in a better way. So we need such scholars and their interpretations of the quran that take us back in time where that is vitally important and which take us into the future where that is vitally important. We don't need same interpretations of the quran with different or new names for they waste our time and energy instead of adding to our knowledge about God and things. Is it therefore not clear who is right and who is wrong on this issue or matter in relation to mullaans, scientists or philosophers and sensible people? This is why when mullaans, scientists and philosophers etc say new interpretations of the quran are wrong they talk nonsense. They do that because they don't think at a deeper and wider scale in this regard as they should. Each time someone says what the scientist have discovered is already in the quran, they say, show it to us in your old interpretations of the quran. Such people fail to realise the point that humans cannot see into the future only God can so how could any human interpret the quran about the future?

Now if people could not see into the future then how could they interpret word of God that way till their time had come. This is why I point out that just as a human baby learns with time so does a grown up human being ie none can come to know anything before one's time has come for knowing something. So humans cannot know things till the time for knowing them comes for human beings or that human beings bring that time for themselves by working harder than they do. This proves the point that all people are just like mullaans when it comes to learning things. Could anyone decide this issue without the explanation I have given? This does not mean that I am the only clever person on the planet who has figured this out rather there are others much more clever than me. The difference is, I focused on the issue under discussion ie issue of God and his book where as all others are busy doing other great things which also need doing. It is because they also prove greatness of God by their works even though this may not be their intention. This explanation should leave one in no major doubt as to why we need special dictionaries if we wish to learn things from the quran and real world realities. The quran is not in arabic but in arabic that is called mubeen. What does that mean? It means God has revealed the quran for teaching people sense beyond what they can learn by way of three methods I have explained but only if they will learn it the way it should be learned.

This is why if we humans wish to become highly sensible people then we must create these special dictionaries which not only show us the origin and meanings of words as well as the mechanism involved but also new possible meanings of words as well so that we too like God could figure out things before they happen in future. This is why if we will not give due attention to the quran then we will never become sensible enough to bring about a beautiful world for ourselves which the quran advises for us and tells us that it is possible for us to bring about such a world.

The next point regarding language is about meanings of alphabet set letters the quran uses. Originally people did not know letters rather they used to talk about things using images or pictures as already explained. We can write in any language using the very same pictures. This is why even today we can write any language using roman characters for example. Roman letters are just pictures or images representing sounds and so are letters of all languages. Likewise we use same letters to write arabic, persian and urdu. Arabic letters' names come from hebrew etc letters. Arabic itself is not a recent language but that it was written using letters of other ancestral languages. We have named languages on basis of names of certain areas that were inhabited by certain people at a particular time period so arabic is a language which was spoken by a people who lived in an area called arabia. However basically all human language are same as already explained. Arabic only has a few letters different from hebrew alphabet set for example. These letters were originally in concept based pictorial forms. These pictures then over time were turned into letters and shapes of letters kept changing till people found them very helpful or easier to use and that is when they became stable. So the concepts of those letters remains with us till today. This is why letters be they hebrew or arabic etc carry the very same concepts they originally had.

Originally people named things by names of actual existing objects or things, this is why we have such a thing as concrete meanings of words. For example, letter alaf means a bull, bay means tent or house or place of stay or residence and so on and so forth. Another vitally important point to note is that almost all letters have opposing or contrary or contradictory or conflicting meanings within them ie they not only contain synonyms but also their opposite meaning as well ie antonyms, so only the contexts in which letters and words are used decide which meanings are to be taken in which sense. For example, letter hay means hijaab ie fence or wall or barrier etc etc. The wall or barrier is used for keeping something inside the barrier or outside of it. So in one sense it means obstruction or obstacle or hurdle or difficulty or problem etc etc but in another sense it means protection or shield or shelter or screen and yet in another sense it means something else etc etc. If one is not aware of such vitally important points as I have explained then one could never interpret the quran properly just by knowing so called arabic as we generally know it. This is why if people wish to understand the quran properly then they must make really good effort to be able to decode its message properly. These are the major reasons why even the arabs failed to interpret the quran properly ie they have no idea about basic things which need to be at the fore front of one's mind. It is because the quran uses language in a very broad spectrum from as simple as possible form to as complex as possible form.

People interpret the quran by way of meanings of words without asking themselves where have those meanings actually come from in the first place and why they mean what they mean. This is why they argue with each other senselessly over the quran. Some will argue over what is arabic and is the quran really in arabic language etc etc. They do not realise that all human language is the same and that we have named languages on basis of geography and that is because people of a group have standardised some sounds in particular ways for practical purposes as explained already. In the quran God says, all his names ie attributes are beautiful yet in the quran we find words which we use in expressing negativity. Then we argue that this word only and only means a bad thing so the quran is false and its God is a false God. This is how people waste their time and energy. All because they have no idea that words used in the quran mean both good and bad things and that we humans need to choose appropriate meanings from the conflicting meanings. The quranic text has its own purpose based over all proper context in which it needs to be interpreted. For example, people interpret the quran in religious context when the quran is actually about a proper way of life for mankind from God to live by. That way of life is decided by purpose for which God has created people. It is God advised way of life because it leads people to works whereby they could fulfill the purpose for which God has created them. This is why unless people get hang of what the purpose and plan of God is, they cannot understand the quran to start with. In fact we humans cannot understand anything at all unless we have context of something at the fore front of our minds. Context cannot be known without a lot of very, very hard work and without going back and forth so many times due to trying out different possibilities or using trial and error method. However once we come to know things then anything is a piece of cake for us. Confidence comes from knowledge and doubt throws people in hopelessness or despair. This is why the quran is not at all about blind faith rather it is about reason and evidence based faith.

I think I have explained major points by now so we can start learning the quran in its proper context. If anything comes up later on I will try and explain it there. Anyone who has not read my so far posts or the quran will have problems with what I am going to explain. My posts are for sincere people who at least reflect on things in order to try and understand them rather than those who try to argue to prove the quran false without having real knowledge of things that are of vital importance. I am not telling people new things but the way I look at them is totally new and I have stated enough reasons for that which are if understood properly by people then they will leave no major doubt in anyone's mind that this is the way to go. It is because human beings can only and only rely upon possibilities that are probable as already explained in detail. That is because even our own very brains and senses are not free of human errors. Individual issue are not important at this stage but an over all understanding of things regarding the quran. Remember anything we human do not know is a puzzle for us and that is why we need to struggle really hard to sort out the puzzle till it is sorted out. Nothing is accomplished easily in life. Some things are more difficult to figure out or sort out than others and that is why we need to struggle through as a team rather than as enemies who trip each other and ruin everything for everyone. So try to be sensible by learning better and better sense and try to help others learn better and better sense. This is the only way forward for all of us if we are looking for solutions of all over problems in a sensible way. So anyone looking for trouble or creating problems will end up ruining oneself as well as others because we human being are created fully interlinked and fully interdependent by God. This is why if one of us suffers then gradually all of us end up bearing the brunt of it sooner or later. It is as if we are all around a huge round table and we are pulling it or pushing it, towards or away from each other. So the table will move in the direction the resultant force moves it. I hope we all move this table towards the right direction and whatever results as a consequence will affect all of us in a good or bad way. So hopefully we all will end up putting this table in the right place.

some english interpretations of the quran by various people


some arabic english dictionaries



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mazhab mullaan logoon ka business hai jaise siyaasat siyasatdaanu aur sarmayadaarun ka.

aise log deendaar nahin hote aur na hi ho sakte hen balkeh apni jahaalat ki wajah se khudaa ke deen ko chhupaane waale hote hen mukhtalif tareequn se.

lihaaza aqal seekho aur pooja paat se niklo aur asal deene islam ko pehchaanane ki koshish karo taa keh insaaniyat ka kuchh bhalaa ho sake.

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Bro, u have too much free time.
azeezam cestmoi sb, no one has too much free time rather one has to steel some moments from the time from the time one has for whatever is most important in one's life from all other things.

People who do not have time for the cause assigned by God, they will never have time to do whatever they wish to do with their lives. Proof is right before our own very eyes. By trying to do whatever we want to do we cannot make the ends meet no matter what.

All because we have no proper sense of actual message of God so in confusion we are running around like headless chickens stepping on each other's toes all the time and everywhere.

regards and all the best.


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So far I have explained vital importance of knowing some very basic things but now I am going to try and explain what is aql and what is ilm etc.

What is aql and what is ilm and how are they obtained or gotten hold of by mankind? Word aql is from root AIN, QAAF and LAAM. This root has many meanings and likewise word ILM is from root AIN, LAAM and MEEM. This root also has many meanings. In one sense root aql means ability to figure out things but in another sense it means to make proper sense of the information one has or is given to one. In this sense aql is a thing that comes to one by learning and that takes time. In other words to be sensible one has to learn sense to be sensible ie one is not born with having sense or understanding of all things rather one needs to get information about things and then one has to make sense of it. So those who do not learn sense of making proper sense of things they remain senseless or foolish.

Word ilm in one sense means information about something and in another sense it means knowing something or having proper understanding of something. People can give information to each other about things but they cannot give their understanding of something to others. This is why education is about helping others with information so that they could try and understand things their own way.

In one sense aql and ilm are gifts from God ie in sense of ability to figure things out and in sense of revealed information from God. A person is born with this ability this is why one is able to make sense of things as soon as one is born and and starts sensing things all around oneself. However when it comes to making proper sense of things one has to make one's own effort to learn sense of making proper sense of things by collecting and processing information about things. One gets better and better at doing that with time and more and more information one gets ie practice or experience makes one better or perfect at it.

As for ilm, it is all about learning information about things and making sense of that information so that one could come to understanding of the thing one wishes to know. To have proper knowledge of something one has to know some aspects that are involved in learning knowledge about things.

I am discussing these things because unless people have these abilities and they use them appropriately they can never make sense of anything at all let alone make proper sense of this world or revelation of God. This is why those who endeavour to learn sense of making proper sense of things become sensible and those who do not remain senseless and foolish regardless what they claim to be by their own mouths.

Muslims are in dire state of existence because they made two main mistakes. One, they ignored helping people to learn the language of the quran and the other, they failed to interpret the quranic text in its purpose based proper contexts. This is what caused all the problems for muslims and nonmuslims alike throughout the world.

Humanity in general has made major errors in understanding God related concepts. This is why they ended up portraying God as a monster or a tyrant or a bully or a cruel being as if God has no goodness in him as a being to be appreciated for. God is projected by religions as a being who has no sense and he does things like a spoiled senseless child.

Unless one gets the basics right as I have explained them nothing else can be understood at all. Most people who claim to be religious believe that sense of making proper sense of things or knowledge is gift of God or is given by God. This is not true. Why not? Because God only gives people his revelations and abilities or potential or talents and not what people are supposed to get or obtain all by themselves. God is only supposed to provide people with things they need to carry out his program to fulfil his purpose for which he has created them but rest has to be their own effort. This is why people must become sensible and knowledgeable or learned or wise.

Becoming sensible is all about getting better and better in rational thinking or rationality and becoming learned is all about having a lot of purpose based information and making proper sense of it. The more human beings do this the better they become at it.

What I have explained is nothing new to anyone because we all go through exactly the same processes in this regard. What is new for people is how I put things together and explain things in a very different context for a very different purpose.

So let me now try to explain the process of learning knowledge ie how we come to know something the way it should be known. Here we will have an explanation in form of coded gestures or noises we call words as I have explained in detail already. We need these codes because without them we can never make any sense of anything at all. If I say to someone please write a letter for me, what one needs to know before one could fulfil my this request?

One will first of all have to know what do I mean by the words I have used. This means one has to know application or relation of these words to things or actions. If one has no idea what is writing or letter etc etc then one cannot carry out this request. Now even if one has understanding of these applications and relations or connections between words and things that are talked about still one cannot carry out the request. It is because one has to go through a learning process to experience all this by oneself by actually doing things directly.

It is because one cannot write a letter just because I asked for it. One has to know how to write things as well as what writing a letter actually involves. Look back in your own life as a child and see how you could not read or write or do anything at all till someone taught you how to do it till after a lot of very hard work and practice. Same is very obvious in science classes in schools or universities. How teachers show or demonstrate to kids to do things but they still hesitate to do them on their own and they keep trying till they get things right. So one can see learning knowledge is a complete process or one only knows things partially.

This is why engineers go through a lot of practical training just like lawyers and doctors etc etc. Normally when we ask each other do you know this or that the answer is a quick yes without any thinking or reflection. However the answer involves a lot of thinking and reflection because to say I know and to actually know things involved a huge process of learning behind it.

When people talk in general about things they just tell stories about things but they have no real knowledge about things. People use words without relating or connecting them to realities or concepts they are supposed to be expressing through them.

The other problem for people regarding defining knowledge is, they talk far too much nonsense instead of looking at it in a purposeful way. By looking at things in an aimless way we end up wasting our time as well as get more and more confused by going in circles.

This is why people do not know what aql is or what ilm is. This is why most people are superstitious or religious who love making up things or making things mysterious or believing in made up things for no sensible purpose at all. The same is true about scientists and philosophers. Scientists keep coming up with nonsense theories and philosophers with nonsense explanations of things. All because they do not look at things objectively or purposefully. The result is over skepticism about things which turns people into individuals who are full of doubts about things and suspicious about anything and everything. On the other extreme people turn mental slaves believing in anything and everything senselessly. This makes people utterly useless for actual life and living it properly.
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