Eat Chicken if Lentils are too expensive...

Shan ALi AK 27

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پہلے لوگ صرف جانتے تھے
اب یہ ثابت کرے گا کہ یہ کسی نوٹنکی ہاروں
والوں کی اولاد ہے-
جیسے مریم نے کیا ہے اسے بولنے دو دو چار دن پھر دیکھو
جو چار بندے جلسے میں اتے تھے وہ بھی نہیں آین گے


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PML-N's fake progress is costing Pakistan big time. They didn't do any long term reform for the country but only made things worse with all the state institutions in a loss, exports down, faulty LNG and IPP deals, and biggest current account deficit so much so that Pakistan was on the verge of a default.

PTI in comparison have not only stabilized the economy with reduced current account deficit, increased exports and revenue but also initiated projects like Ehsaas, made in Pakistan, 10 billion tree tsunami, roads, hospitals, dams, health cards, millions of houses, etc.
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