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This is the 2nd time a Political Party Leader is Defaming Pakistani Army and Destabilising the Country by their speeches from oversea while conducting "Jalsas" in Pakistan. Firstly, It was Altaf Hussain and Now Nawaz Sharif is following his footsteps while residing in the same country as Altaf. How come this is so easy for them? Well! thats because Altaf Hussain and his Party didn't get any punishment in first place. Their Party is still in the Parliament and Cabinet but only a word "Pakistan" is added to their Party name (MQM-Pakistan). MQM-Pakistan Members are still in contact with Altaf Hussain and their bond with the leadership is still intact as well as with the Parliament. To be honest, Only Zia ul Huq was the General in Pakistan who had the courage not to scared of the consequences of whatever harsh decisions he made.

Govt. and Army should stop treating the Political Prisoners as VIPs in the jails. All should be treated the same. I remember when they knew that platelets of Nawaz Sharif are going down, Govt. Army & Judiciary all got scared and every one wanted to let him go out so they don't bear the consequences in future in case of his death. They are all too lenient and scared of taking very bold steps when it comes to anything to do against a Giant (Mafia/Cartels). Now none of those in jail should be shown that mercy they showed to Nawaz Sharif. He is now mocking at their nightmares. Khursheed Shah, Zardari, Shehbaz sharif and all other political leaders in jail should be treated like they treat an ordinary man.

We all know, none of the Government came into Power without Army assistance in Pakistan except 1971's election. Nawaz, Zardari, Imran, All of them were assisted by Army. Pakistan dilemma is that It never found a good Political Leader who can serve the country over his own interests. Turkey had long Marshal Laws and Army influence was there in Parliament in every tenure until they found Tayyab Erdugan. Here in Pakistan, Imran Khan is sincere but thats not enough unless you have the ability to overcome country's political problems. No doubt he is working hard but most of his Ministers are not capable of the jobs they were given. Most of the time they spend time blaming each other and interfering in each other's issues instead of concentrating on their own Ministries. The main reason for the discord in the party is the lack of "Tanzim Sazi". Same issue is with PPP and PML-n too. However, we expect more from PTI and due to the leadership not being involved in any corruption, we think PTI can get the country standing on its own foot. But if we look at the main ministers of the party or most MNAs, MPAs, they are all "Fasli Baterey" migrated from other Parties.

Precisely, I appeal to the Army to let Imran Khan run the country with freedom instead of injecting those "Fasli Bateras" in to his Party or Ministeries. Please work together (Army and Government) to uplift the country and get our respect back as a nation as it use to be in Ayoub Khan's time. Now, this is the last chance to get this country off this long storm or we all die due to its saverity. As we all know our biggest enemy India is getting stronger day by day and we are stuck, going down economically. This is my last hope either the country will get better in this tenure of never.
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اس حرام زادے گشتی کے بچے نواز شریف بٹ کواس بار اگر کسی جنرل نے اپنی ماں کا خصم بناکر کر گشتی کا بچہ ہونے کا ثبوت دیا ہمارے شہیدوں غازیوں اور مجاہدوں کی فوج پر بھونکنے والے کتے کو موقعہ دیا کہ ہمارے شہیدوں کی قربانیوں کی توہین کرے اوردوبارہ مودی کے اس ناجائز نطفے حرام زادے کو حرام زدگی کرکے بچایا تو وہ جنرل بھی کتے کی موت ہی مارا جائے گا انشااللہ کسی فوجی غازی کے ہاتھوں


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Nawaz bohat bari blunder mar gia ha.apni aulad ko Pakistan ki mitti bhi naseeb m nahi chori is ne.Pmln pehlay hi nazryati party nahi thi..Pmln ki qabar khod di is duffer ne..Ab Panjab mein Pmln ke sab corrupt ya Tu party choray gein ya phir danday ke lia tiyar rehay..Nawaz Tu dafan bhi UK mein ho ga..who will come to save local corrupt leaders??
Panjab traders industrial mafias . bearucracy.. judiciary who supporting Nawaz traitor will deal with iron hand..Mayrum Safdar ab raato ko uth uth kar mirror mein Dekh Kar khud ko PM tasawar karay gi.yaheeh is Ka anjam ha..Bilawal k pass last chance ha.. Pmln.. Molvi Diesel ko joota dukha kar patli Gali se Sindh ki traf Nikal jaya..warna Sindh bhi gia PPP ke hath se..

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He's always wanted the Army to be like Punjab police where 60% of the force is deployed on Sharif family protocol duty at the tax payers expense and the other 40 is under his beck and call. The courts to be like justice Qayyum, where he can call the judge and order him as to how much jail time his opponent should receive.

When that doesn't happen
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