Fauzia Kasuri to be guest speaker @ House of Commons - buck up mother of pti

v r imran k

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Re: buck up mother of pti

Good luck mother of pti we are with u .............Syrian Muslims have in deep trouble we should support and solidarity our brothers and sisters
Re: buck up mother of pti

Sick "Mother of PTI".

not your problem uncle its common problem of Pakistanis I have often seen people who never even hold cricket ball in their hand criticise shoaib akhtar ..people who never came out to vote even cant stand in one protest even criticise mother of pti .. no problem ..this nation is doctor if you have pain in your bally even your sweeper will try to guide you get a blue colure tablet form that medical store
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Re: buck up mother of pti

Mrs. Fauzia Kasuri

I will be extremly scared and might cry out of emotions.

I am sorry but we have no choice left to stand against your kings and masters ..u r happy with it we prefer death rather this

Ali Sajid

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I still remember many PTI people abusing her when she quit party. Now praising her......

you all are Hypocrites............

chacha jani

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Re: buck up mother of pti

Oye Chapper gulley, pappoo bachey dey tid dey moon walia. Don't you have manners for women!?[QUOTE=mchaudhary;1853157]Sick "Mother of PTI".[/QUOTE]
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