Fawad Ch's unexpected words, Signs of BIG Govt Action in the coming days?


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Some stupid words by this youtuber from last two years.

Signs of BIG Govt Action in the coming days

PMIK give warning to his minister at least 6 times, but no change, all of them are Khootay Sikkay.


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jub patwarion ke bhonkne kee awazain aane lage ... is ka mutlab hai ke kisi ne in ki dumon pur sahih paon rukh diya. I know it is difficult for you corrupt and fraud lot to get used to the truth.


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This guy is bloody chutiya. Dont know why some shares his bullshit.
ہاہاہا….چوتئے تو سبھی ہیں؟ کیا تم نہیں؟
یا تم پچھواڑے سے نمودار ہوے تھے یا جنگل میں اگے تھے. 😀


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FWC big advantage is that he was close with Mafias..a monh phat man.. very cleaver..sharp.. Fluent on his talking..
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