Full tour of Panah Gah Islamabad(Peshawar Mor location)


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Its getting confusing, no doubt I like Imran Khan and see him as the most honest PM Pakistan ever had, rather an honest leader after Quaid e Azam. But these Panahgas, or free housing, over jobs, education, price controls, real control over corruption, I can't understand, I see it as PTI has lost its direction/promises and going haphazard in administration. This is not good to get free meals instead of getting them jobs, this will only encourage beggary and people will get easy that no need to work just go to a PANAHGAH and keep eating. Pakistan cannot afford this.


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In Lahore, A shelter home is right in front of DATA Darbar. I usually go in front and see people who can't afford are eating. At night They Provide shelter to needy ones. When I see i pary God may help Imran Khan. He is one Who has AHSAS for Ghreeb poor people.
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