How block chain technology will change the world!


Blockchain as technology has high potential but blockchain used for cryptocurrency is a recipe for disaster. Don't be fooled.

Dr Adam

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راجہ جی الله نی قسمیں سوائے انگریزی نیں ھک گل نی سمجھ نئی آئی
🤔 اے جاقت کے آخنا اے؟ کے مسلۂ اے اس ناں؟؟
🤭 سنگلاں نے بلاک بنائی کے ویچو، اے پیا دسنا اے؟؟؟


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He is basically not trying to describe block chain tech.

Instead he is doing concerted efforts to make it look too complex, just to create humor out of it. Remember '3 Idoits' segment of defining 'machine' and then 'book'.
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