Implications of Gen Bajwa's Call to Bilawal Bhutto


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British citizen pk should expose bilawal freinds and teacher how he treat people in larkana and other part of sindh Expose this firoonnn
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Army chief should not have taken notice of a matter petty like, an FIR on a criminal. ...There was no HAWA in PDM since is not a public movement..its just a club of criminal political and treacherous mafia...all this movemet is on GEO and Nawaz Sharif's tout media channels..thats it...The question persists that why the concerns of corrupt political mafia matters...why no body is talking clearly n what i dont understand that currently police arrested a criminal who broke the law of land...but..where were the ghairat of these officers when a police officer Ali Hassan Solangi chopped off his both hands and legs and poured acid on, when he stopped rigging by PPP member in 2008 election, in Hyderabad poling station. Why no army or any institution's inquiry is there on this matter??? Pakistan is with one who made this FIR and arrest of a corrupt criminal, who broke the law and rightly matter, if its is our Police, Rangers or Army....enough of this law violation and oppression by corrupt, criminal political mafia and Sind is no different...evry institution even DMc are run by corrupt criminals....its all oppression and injustice every where...why no body take action on it...karachi and its business are drowning bcz of the "bhatta" culture (even in DMC) and criminal support system, in Sind...


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After GB election..IK should impose Governor rule in Sindh..Zardari Mafia is a Nasoor for Sindh and Nawaz mafia for Panjab and Pakistan..Get rid off these corrupt asap..


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چور اپوزیشن انڈیا اور اسرائیل کے ایجنڈے پر چل رہی ہے ,
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