Imran Khan said he struggled for 22 years against corruption, and he will prefer stepping down over NRO - Fawad Ch


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Totally agree with Fawad. Anti-corruption stance is a must for Imran Khan's politics and a necessity for Pakistan.


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Gandd ka tokra ha bhaye get back the money and kick them out of country

This would be only happen just because of your 22 years struggle against corruption


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Fat Amigo

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ha ha ha ha ..... did Imran Khan publicly disown his sister who has benefited by an NRO with FBR ??

Fat Amigo

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Gobar Chaudhry = Govt & Army is together on one page
PM Imran Khan will step down if there is an NRO

lagta hay NRO Gobar Ki Baybay kay sath horha hay !
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