Imran Khan's polite shutup call to compromised Judges.


Senator (1k+ posts)

Doubt if SC will ever ask IK to go back to the assemblies after this bouncer from Khan.


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judge nahi ye dallay hain... half lete hain maan bechne ka haramkhor...

himet nahi hai to maan chudwanay se behter hai half hi na lo.. na qabool kero compromised ohda...

ye haram ke tukhn otnay hi zimadar hai jitnay haramkhor generals.... gernailon ki har khabasat ko legalise kerne main judge hamesha number 1 rehe hain


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
Come hell or high water, these shameless judges will not have the guts to investigate that infamous cipher.
CJ of SC is also part of establishment. They are involved in regime change then how can they do investigations on cypher?

nutral is munafek

MPA (400+ posts)
A humble appeal to the honourable Judges of SC .You guys should now do the match maker like marriage matrimonial stuff, or “Rishta karenewali Masee”.
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