India Limits its Options.


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... the critical thing that has been spoken off today is that Chinese have come to Galwan Vally India which was never a disputed area (was a part of India). The military analyst says.,77.4437693,7.48z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sgalwan+valley!3m4!1s0x0:0x6df3170366ec75bb!8m2!3d34.7695375!4d78.2123566
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Endia is a rogue nation. Hitler inspired butcher of gujrat is their PM who is against all minorities. Endia has occupied the land of Jammu & Kashmir, Laddakh, Khalistan and parts of Nepal. Time has come to teach a lesson to saffron terrorists.

Insha’Allah endia will be divided into several countries


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Hindu terrorists of BJP and RSS are cowards.They only attack unarmed Indian Muslims or bully India's smaller neighbour like Nepal .Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.They try to threaten Pakistan as well but Pakistan has taken care of its defence so these cowards can do nothing except bark.


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One thing The Chinese has made sure is that ...Hindu stan would not be in a position of disturbing CPEC & related projects anymore.
India's dream of muddling in CPEC by poking dirty nose has been checkmated forever.
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