India locks down Kashmir after quiet burial of separatist Geelani


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India is a terrorist occupant invaded most of unarmed independent states after its formation..e.g. GoA, Nagaland, Jammu n Kashmir, tribal areas..etc its ideology is of expansionist idea of AKHAND BHARAT, that means India will strive to occupy other countries e.g. Afghanistan, Srilanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan complete its Akhand bharat....for the purpose it waged terrorism in almost all neighboring countries, like Pkaistan, Srilanka, bangladesh, China and AFGhanistan...India is the most active recruiter and supporter of DAESH/ISIS in Afghanistan,...The country has elected an internationally recognized terrorist MODI as PM (twice)...the whole nation is hindutwa religious extremist and want to take revenge from Muslims and Christans bcz they ruled them...but world has turned a blind eye to it...this will endanger world peace and prosperity...


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He was and always will be a freedom fighter. Not some a separatist. Correct the yindian influenced title.
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