Is Crypto investment Haram?


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are you sure??

one of the reasons why coins are expensive is because of the scarcity, they have 123 million coins in circulation... this is why its expensive....


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so brother he is saying that main cryptos are halal because they are established and 'we know about them'

but brother even the bitcoins and litecons in the beginning were very volatile and not many people knew them so how does this reason work?
what he meant is he does not know for sure about all of them, if they are alike they should be good as well, it has a value since people mine them sped money on its production its not coming from thin air


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I have a balanced portfolio with investment in all 11 sectors of stock market. Financial, construction and material stock are on rise as COVID case reducing in US, vaccine crossed 50% of population, economy is opening up. There is new house building and selling boom. Steel, wood, home builders, financial institutions to fund mortgage, real estate linked to these houses building on the rise. My portfolio is heavily (40%) in these three sectors. All other including IT (FAANG) are not earning much. I sell when my stock reach 20% to 25% profit as per experts and do not buy it again.


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so seeing a lot of dip lately, i guess when everyone jumps on the train, crash is inevitable, tweeter, reddit where you can read about bitcoin n altcoins from people who deals with crypto then you will have good knowledge and can buy n sell on the right time.
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