Is youtube blocked in pakistan???


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(hmm) Attempt to reduce pti support or many other things?

Pakistani corrupt government will one day put tax on taking breaths per minute of its nation similarly miss using tax which is collected from nation through utility bills and other methods to make politicians and high rank government officers more lavish vip life more enjoyable and harder for middle average and poor class in fact to horrify people this much that every one run away and leave there country leave it to its enemies one day they will target siasat pk face book twitter what the hell for you people paying your pt cl evo wateen vi max wi tribe why not stop using it or strike against responsible people in really practical way when you don't have any thing for entertainment knowledge already limited resources etc by banning such things already nation is Sick of law and order in security daily blasts price hike joblessness spoofing s etc etc no freedom of speech freedom for any thing even good things when all kind of main stream and other kind of medias become pro govt practical bycotts become useless then there is always one man rule order there the worst night mare of the faith specially of that nation starts.
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