It’s very good that Afghan brothers met with Nawaz Sharif


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Almost every day we see blatant traitorous actions by the Noora gangster and his bhagori evil spawn Nani420. How much more proof do the dumb phatwarees need to stop supporting these snakes?

What is the punishment for traitors?
And how much proofs World Number one agency needs????


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Punjabis didn't vote for IK. Its establishment who supported him. Punjab will vote for shareef in next election with establishment on their side as well. Go update yourself too. Pakistan is a divided country with unequality, injustices can be seen amongst the provinces with military and bearucracy belongs to 1 single ethnicity unfortunately.
Nah bro you are wrong. Punjab did vote for IK & that’s why he came to power. If the establishment wanted to support IK then he would have won from Punjab in 2013 & also in the previous elections.
The establishment till Kiyani always supported Noora that’s why he has been winning the elections there. The only time (2018 elections) establishment didn’t support Noora league, Nawaz lost.
I reckon after Gen Kiyani, the establishment has recognised their past mistakes of pampering the traitor Noora always and they won’t side with him again.


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yeah sirf o sirf IK and ARMY and ISI ke nafrat pai yeah sab kitna khudgharz bangai hai kai tumharay gher ko chakla boltay hai and saudi mai ek pakistani ko 17 afghani martay hai but for them it is still ok bcz wo maderchood Pak and Army ISI ko apni nakami ka batatay hai and in kutti kai bachay un ko baap mantay hai. yeah sara kasoor IK ki government including Army and bureaucracy jo ajj bhi inn ki sab bakwas ko ignore kartay hai ... Pakistani State ko samjhna chaiyeah kai log ab yeah sochtay hai nawaz maderchod and family ko isliye kuch nahi kaha jata kai wo Pak kai ek baray province sai taluq rakhtay hai aur yea tabahi hai
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