JNN LEAKS Launched;Get Ready Pakistanis; Let’s Change Pakistan,Israr Kasana


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Israr Kasana ! All I can hope this speech is not just for promotion and get clicks, I hope he will prove to be a person who really wants to bring dignity and honesty in journalism which is when it comes to reliability and self dignity the journalists in general will sell his dignity, honor, national security, kids future in much less money and time than a worst old whore, she will have some principles that she will discuss before going with any one, but todays journalists just show them some $$$ and they will give you any thing, any one. Journalism was known as a profession that requires education and constant studies/researches, but not any more, Journalist in majority is a group of pimps on the streets looking for some who needs to get hookup in some thing against just a little money as little as may be one meal a day.


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Majority journalists fit to this criteria ....waiting for someone to tag their credentials. They act so long money flows. They are blind, deaf and dumb—— no vision no logic rather act as mechanical toys.


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ویسے تو یو ٹیوب نے حامد میر جعفر ۔نانکےُدادکے سے کنجر طلعت حسین
ٹائلٹ سین ٹائپ کے سارے حرامیوں کا بیڑا غرق کردیا ہے اور کرپٹ لوگوں کےُانُ سارے پالتو کتوں کو بےنقاب کردیا ہے ان ان۔۔۔زادوں کو اب کوئی نہیں سنتا
سب یو ٹیوب ہی دیکھتے اور سنتے ہیں
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