Karachi's coast being converted into Urban Forest


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it is better to plant tomatoes and other vegetables and donate them to the poor
Tomatoes can be planted inside our homes. When a friend of mine planted tomatoes in his balcony, he used to distribute them in 2-3 neighborhood homes. He planted coriander, mint, lemons and a couple of more veggies.

It's just that our people, specially those who live in big cities, don't know the potential.

I had 10 hens in my home when I was in Pakistan.. We never faced shortage of eggs.. In fact, many times we had to give the eggs away.. and my hen used to roam around outside.. I didn't have to spend too much on their feed. They used to eat many things that we threw while cooking.. such as fruit skins, veggie stems, even their own egg shells...

Anyway, in those days, people were not thieves.. I only lost one hen in years.. that too I didn't know was stolen or died somewhere..

And I am talking about Karachi..
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