Kash main Isa key baitee hotee!


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Daughters of mothers murdered by police in broad day light in 2014 are now wishing "Kaash main Isa key baitee hotee!"
But of course Honorable Supreme Court, Honorable judges of the Supreme court and High court are far, far above the level of a common citizen wishing for justice.
How dare the common man think that he/she can get the same justice as one of their own?? How dare they!! The audacity of a common man is abominable.
Isa key baitee did not even have to say a single word in the court appearance, all she had to do was sit next to her mother while the mother cried and the hearts of the Justices melted away. These hearts don't melt for those murdered in the Model town massacre and why should they? The pedestal of a Justice of the Supreme court is fiercely held by the ghosts of some unknown spirits who have performed some magnificent acts of financial feats unbeknown to all those in all the Model towns of Pakistan.
Adam key baitee naheen Isa key baitee hona maang aye Binte Hava!


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patwari is rotting in hell in Lahore and Punjab but they are supporting nawaz kanjar who does not even live in Pakistan and have nothing to do with Pakistan
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