Kashmir: How Mountbatten & Nehru fooled Jinnah & the world?


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you STUPID they dıd not fooledö Mr Jınnah knew and understood everythıng but he dıd not have power and possıbılıtıes against shameless clever inhuman and traitors in his party, the chudhrys, maliks, pirzadas, gaddinashins, firqebaz, khans, bhuttos etc.

inqelab inqelab waahid hal inqelab e islami ke zarye sharia't ka nifaz.... haq ke liye jiddojohad, sabr aur Allah per tawakkal karo.... FIRQABAZI HARAM HAI, SIRF MUSLIM BANO


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It is possible that they fooled Jinnah. Since the Hindus helped Goras takeover India and now was the time to pay back.


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There is an other angle also .Since Jinnah was alone pushing for a separate home land where all the Maulivies were deadly against his Idea.He was swimming against the tide so he ignored all the other bullshit,t that was going around including the Nehru,Brit,hegemony.We all know Nehru was in bed with lady mountbatten.Jinnah would have taken lot more Area in to pakistan if all muslim leaders would have been united behind him.

dr waqar ahmad

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Please view this issue in a different angle. At the time of partition, Quaid Jinnah knew, he was suffering from the advanced stages of tuberculosis. Doctors had given him only few months to survive. Jinnah hid this from every once including her sister Fatima. Had he had, more time and another leader of Jinnah's calibre, Jinnah would have sorted out Kashmir issue in his own style.

In Australia, I had a chance to listen to a guy involved in marking boundary lines between India and Pakistan. He openly admitted the alliance of Jinnah and lord Mount Batten resulting in the allocation of Muslim dominant districts such as greater Gurdaspur areas and Kashmir to India. Initially Jinnah seriously objected to the allocation of Muslim dominant districts to India but knowing the time Jinnah had left to live and calibre of other Muslim leadership around him, he accepted East and West Pakistan. Unfortunately, post Jinnah Muslim leadership did not seriously pursue fraudulent boundaries demarcated by the British Raj and pro Nehru group. I wish such facts are taught to our younger generation.
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