London based Pakistanis needed


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I have an opportunity where I can invite Pakistanis in London for part time activity which will involve light meal/food/tea etc and you might earn money as well.

It a project which is London based and caters to Pakistanis.

If you can contribute creatively as a writer/reader/singer/actor etc then please get in touch.

This post was removed yesterday, if an admin wants to remove/delete this then just let me know so I dont post it again as am only sharing a possible opportunity to Pakistanis in London.


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Its a community project and we have a small team.
We need a few more members who are artistic or creative and want to contribute creatively.

These will be series of events, not more than 2 a month.

I will participate personally but I will use a face mask cause am camera shy
So, you can use a mask as well as well, to give you an idea.

A lot can be done but if youre willing to contribute then come forward and get in touch.


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We can get more community around from London or near to area like -- Reading , Oxford , Slough etc -- if we know more comprehensive detail


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thanks everyone, feels great !

please drop me an email and I can share personal numbers

[email protected]

please to make things easier, only contact if you are in London or nearby as your physical presence will be very important


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I only need a few maximum 3 contributors who are artistic and would like to contribute either singer/actor/writer/painter - An organisation will stage presentation on different topics, any one who is interested will be contributing towards the topic in the aforementioned capacity.

To make it more simple, if you as a person was asked to join, you will be passed a topic and if you want to contribute by writing a poem about it then it will be presented but ideally you will expected to present it yourself as its your work.

For example, a topic will be given to you and then if you want to contribute you can, you can contribute however you like and that can change from topic to topic.

There are only 2 Venues in London which will be used, the details of which are not important.
The events will only happen once, or maximum twice a month.

I am hoping to make a strong team of 6, I already have selected 2 other Pakistanis from personal contacts.
I am now turning to you people, that's if youre interested.

The working structure and everything else will be strictly apolitical.

I believe in elasticity and am a creative and artistic person myself, so you can contribute whatever you want and however you want and feel free to represent your ideas as you see fit.

Once we have made a team, we will all take the decisions together.

This is a chance for you to
contribute towards Pakistan
have a healthy past time and hobby
have a constructive social existence
be part of a great team
obviously there will be food and plenty of tea available

Feel free to drop an email
[email protected]


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Thanks for those who send email, I have replied with details.

If anyone else is interested please send a brief email and you will get the details as well

Neon Hill

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i am curious as it sounds interesting. But I. Also camera shy so I might speak in the background or with a mask. I'll send u email shortly.
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