Maulana Fazal-Ur-Rehman react on Isreal-UAE Deal


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Why are we making fuss over UAE accepting Israel.
Turkey was the first Muslim country who accepted Israel in 1948 later on Egyot in 1979 and Jordan did it in 1994. Who knows who will be next.
Moral of the story is each country's leaders make decisions in their own interest. Religious affiliations human rights morality dont matter.
Pakistan should not behave as thekedarr of Islamic cause as we are not financially strong enough to stand on our own field and as a Nation not united to suffer the consequences of take on Zionist power.
Give Maulana Fazal-Ur-Rehman some benefit and he will be the first one to come out and say that we should follow UAE in fact most politician if their corruption cases are withdrawn they will do the same.
Personnaly I will stand by Palestinians purely on human rights issue and until they get freedom as per UN resolutions just as Kashmiris.


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بھڑوے یہ بتا کہ یو اے ای کا حکمران یہودی ایجنٹ ہے کہ نہیں؟
سننے میں تو یہ آیا ہے کہ مولانا ڈیزل اپنے مدرسوں میں عبرانی زبان کورس میں شامل کرنے پہ غور کر رہا ہے بس ذرا سعودیوں کا انتظار ہے وہ اسرائیل کو تسلیم کر لیں تو پھر اس کام میں دیر نہیں ہو گی


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Yaar Na UAE Na Palestinian Na Israelis piss on Pakistan nor ever consulted .
If Palestine become a state for sure no entry for Pakistani like Kuwait.
Why Abdullah Diwaney In Beganey ki Shaadi?
Bajwa going to
1. Restore terminated job of Gen. Bharkoo ( Kam Ka Na Kaj ka Dushman su Mann anaj ka.
2. Regular Loan restoration at very high mark up on mintey Tarley.


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Molvi fazulu majority Chandas come from Arabs countries... will come from Israhell... Molvi Diesel for sale with his all madarsas.. students for money...even from US.. Israhell...He and his all followers Islam..Emaan for rent and sale for money....


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ابے ۔۔۔زادے اب بھونکتا کیوں نہیں کہ کہ تیری ۔۔۔۔ کے خصمُ۔ یہودی ایجنٹ ہیںُ اب بھی بھونکُ کہ تو ساری عمر یہودیوں کے ایجنٹوں کے ٹکڑوں پر پلتا رہا اب بھونک انکے خلاف

Dr Adam

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ابے ۔۔۔زادے اب بھونکتا کیوں نہیں کہ کہ تیری ۔۔۔۔ کے خصمُ۔ یہودی ایجنٹ ہیںُ اب بھی بھونکُ کہ تو ساری عمر یہودیوں کے ایجنٹوں کے ٹکڑوں پر پلتا رہا اب بھونک انکے خلاف

رانا جی اس ہپ شوٹر کا سیاست پی کے کو فون آیا ہے کہ رانا صاحب سے پوچھ کر بتائیں کہ کس اینڈ سے بھونکنا ہے ؟؟؟

مزدوری کیا ملے گی اس کی ؟؟؟


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As long as his pockets get lined he doesn't really care and his sole agenda is play obstacle for Pakistan against Kashmir as an agent for India other than that nothing of any face value comes from him he is a disgrace


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Lol he again rescued arabs by saying that uae is small insignificant country and does not represent arabs.
Someone please tell him that Egypt and joedan have formal relations with israel whereas all arab nations of north Africa and gulf have trade and diplomatic relations with israel. Even saudia said that in case of palastine Israel conflict they will support israel. Saudia and uae have become one country in regards to their foreign policy and uae has full support of saudia too.
Kindly let me know if saudia has opposed it.
Lekin phr bhi arabon ko bacha gia munafiq


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Aal e saud yani UAE kay baap ki funding khata hai, US diplomats say milta hai, musalmanon ka leader banta hai, ab is precarious situation main beychara aur kya bayan day jis say Jaib, ta'alluqaat aur gaddi teenon cheezain bachi rahain.


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These tatu losers of election just trying to keep themselves relevant by undemocratic means as they dont have any chance to win in poll.
Interview of losers this only happens in pakistan losers will never accept defeat
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