Metaverse: Facebook's virtual reality vision


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Just imagine what they are trying to achieve and for what purpose? Also think about the big money behind this. This could have been better if world has become better place to live for every one. But the reality is that there 99% of the world are struggling for basics. They don't even have time to experience virtual/augmented reality but they are up against bitter reality of real world. So stop this nonsense and try to invent something which deals with real problems of people instead of making them fools.


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Virtual Reality is just a cool name to run away from reality.

The message is very clear from world controlling powers to the masses: we are not going to help you get rid of your sufferings. We can only provide you with a dream world and that too against hefty money so that you can at least fulfil your wishes in that Virtual world.

For masses it will be like hangover.

And once many will start using the VR world, even normal people will be less concerned about helping the ones who are suffering.
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