Mother tells NZ mosque mass-killer she forgives him for her son's murder


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The gunman who confessed shooting 51 people dead in two mosques in New Zealand has come face to face with some of his victims' families. A court in New Zealand this week is hearing from sentence the gunman who carried out the nation's worst mass killing. The bereaved and some of the injured gave accounts of the murders last March ahead of sentencing, which is expected to take place on Thursday. The gunman could face life in prison without parole. The murders, live-streamed on Facebook, shocked the world and prompted new laws in New Zealand banning deadly automatic weapons. Sentencing is expected to last three days, with the murderer facing life in jail.


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She may forgive him but humanity does not. He is a criminal of humanity. He should be put to death with 51 cuts and in full public view. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.


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this is the problem of Muslims they always trying to forgive who ever killed there beloved, I dont agree this at all
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