MQM-P ne Pakistan ke 8 soobay banane ka mutalba ker diya


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Good demand but MQM is not trustworthy.
You have hit the nail on the head. MQM is an organization full of treachery and deceit. They are master blackmailers. Devolution is good but MQM has another blackmailing agenda. WTF have they got in KPK except a few offspring of the camp-followers of the Royal artillery and mainly reside in the 'Lal -kurtis'. They got the ports and shipping ministry in the previous govts. Babar Ghauri set fire to the ministry three times to hide the money laundered to altaf kaalia. They have raped the KMC, Sind Waterboard, Steel Mill and PIA. Even today thousands of these matarwas of MQM are 'ghost-employees'. Pakistan is the carcass these vultures are feeding on.


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سات صوبوں کا مطالبہ تو پی ٹی آئی بھی کرتی ہے انہوں نے ایک فالتو کا کرلیا تو کیا قامت آ گئی؟؟


Go ahead and start. You people have been abusing the country which embraced you warmly in it's bosom. Your abusive posts will not change my opinion of motherfuckers.
Your language prove it that you belong to Heera Mandi....I cant reply you by such kind of language.

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First, lets have a powerful local government system, only then we can access where are the loop holes and more administrative units required. It should be a research and trial based exercise.

So many units will require manpower as well, which is lacking at the moment.
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