Need advise on Virtual Asst to operate Amazon Acct from Pak?


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Not everyone know hoe to open account from Pakistan as well as some dont have the required investment. In this case, these are some people i know and they have worked as VA for a company and want to switchover.
sounds good
but be careful they should not miss using you or your money
first, first ask them the business proposal
and plan of action (product hunting and running /investment cost)


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Why thinking about paying a percentage? It has to be a fixed rate. You don't know what sort of profit it's going to be, considering so many hidden FBA charges, then returns and refunds and all that. I'm an Amazon seller in UK with 10+ years experience, dealing with many VA's from Pakistan. Fixed rate is the only way to go without making it complicated. You can always increase the rate if VA is performing good.
AOA, I would like to learn more from your exp. is it possible to chat online?


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Setting up salary system will be a big expense, while profit sharing will be on Net profit, so if no profit they get nothing, correct?
Unfortunately, nobody will be a reliable, long term resource for you on the model you are proposing for your business.

As beeeel85 suggested, fixed/salary base is the only way to go.
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