Overseas Pakistanis Should Start This Trend


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ہمیں کیا جی آپ کے نکھٹو رشتے داروں کا نقصان ہو گا
Many people don’t have any close relatives in Pakistan but the still support charities,hospitals and poor families in Pakistan.I have stopped sending any money to Pakistan but my wife is still sending money.A few days ago she and her friends raised a lot of money for water well/plant in Cholistan.There is no water in Cholistan.A UK based philanthropist is visiting Pakistan to help provide water in Cholistan.Previously the same person built water filtration plants in Sindh.


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I have a better —— in fact the best and the only solution ——— If Imran comes back ———- Without Bajwa Bharwa Nadeem khusra Shamshad Kaliya CJs Bund ayal Athar Min Soor aur kutoray judges——- And accountability across the board —I swear that this would bring back Pakistan Economy​



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I am an overseas Pakistani. Let me tell you why we can not stop sending money. This is because it will just harm Pakistan, and NOT Sharifs and Zardaris, and of course we can never harm Pakistan.
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