'Pakistan could be next to normalize ties with Israel' - Israeli Newspaper


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Three reasons why Pakistan wont recognise: 1. We would have to abandon support for Kashmir peoples right to self Determination;
Not really. It has been Pakistan's repeated error to link the Kashmir and "Palestinian" causes. They are only superficially similar: the Kashmir issue was a product of the disintegration of the British Empire, whereas the establishment of Palestine as the Jews' National Home was a result of the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire a generation earlier. Under international law, Britain ruled India, whereas Britain merely administered the Palestine Mandate and was forbidden to negate its purpose.

Different legal regimes, different rights of the peoples within. Everybody other than Pakistanis - including the Arabs - have long understood this. If you're wondering why Arabs themselves never link Kashmir and Palestine, this is the reason. Pakistan's leaders linked the two long ago in hope of gaining their support but it's failed utterly. The only reason the meme prevails, apparently, is the stubbornness of Pakistan's Foreign Office: nobody wants to take responsibility for changing policy, and one Pakistani diplomat told me long ago that informing the populace of the truth wasn't his responsibility, but that of the Pakistani leadership.

2. We would have to ignore injustice to Palestinians;
Exacerbating the above issue, Pakistanis have long been forbidden - at first informally, but for the past six years by administrative diktat - from learning anything positive about the Jewish State in their schools and colleges. So Pakistanis simply have no grounds to determine what is just and unjust, yes?

3 The deal signed by UAE/Bahrain without consulting Palestinians has some small print in the contract that allows Israel to destroy -
Where is this, exactly?

This beggars the question why did muslims fight and die in crusades for Jerusalem if we are now happy to abandon islam and become slaves.
Are you sure it's not the other way 'round? That Pakistanis like yourself have abandoned Islam and have becomes slaves to sectarian hatred instead? After all, haven't Pakistan's synagogues been bulldozed and turned into parking lots? Haven't Pakistan's Christians become impoverished and oppressed? And at the border with India, don't Pakistani soldiers and insurgents use Indians for target practice? Aren't all these things very very far from the peace that Arab leaders of the Gulf embraced yesterday, to the great enthusiasm of their populations?

Sorry, NOT possible under incumbent Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan.
Even if he wants to, I imagine IK and other Pakistani leaders have to take the time to fashion a plan to start to unravel all the mess described above. And the deeper question they have to address is, Pakistan has relied on sectarian hate and pretending to stand for justice as crutches to support its separation with India for so long, is Pakistan really strong enough survive without them, even after 70+ years?


Politcal Worker (100+ posts)
IK das bar ba chuka hai , or reasons bhi de chuka hai

fazool bakwas likhi hai agr tasleem krna hota tau boht pehle kr chuka hota.

ye sahafi bhi apni khuahish ka izhar bagair sochay samjhay bina consult kiay kr dete hain. Bad journalism.
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