Pakistani Naval Ship kisses indian ship


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بےشرم پاکستانی شپ؟ کھلے پانی میں یوں بوس و کنار
سمجھتا تھا اسے یھاں کوئی نہیں دیکھے گا؟ لیکن تاڑنے
والے کہاں نہیں ہوتے؟..اب ہندنی شپ ڈوب مرے گی اسی پانی میں ..... 😄


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Looks like Indian ship came into Pakistani territory and Pakistani ship was chasing it out. Dont know.

In my opinion Pakistani ship gave a surprise to the Indians. They were not expecting the ship to touch. But Pakistani be like, aisay nahi janay dunga, sohnio


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10-20 shouting shows on Insane Indian media.
A Bollywood movie about conspiracy to send shipload of corona virus by ISI.


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similar incident happened in 2011. is this new or the same old incident?

or maybe the thread starter is born now


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Good work Pakistani Navy - similar incident happened with Vietnamese and Chinese Navy ship 2 years ago !
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