Peak of Mismanagement at F9 MVC Islamabad - Kudos to PTI Govt/Asad Omer


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In Ksa , expats were not given Pizer initially and they only gave it to Saudis . Which is such a discrimination but in Pakistan, your whole family wants Pizer which is not readily available!


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I am new here and I can't make a new thread named "Citizen Portal Litmus Test"
I want to post the details of my complaint on Citizen Portal for all to see. Can someone, PTI, NON PTI, Admin, normal human being (without any political affiliations) make a thread for me called "Citizen Portal Litmus Test"

It will show everyone how long it takes for a normal person's problem to be solved by citizen portal.

You are right. Still have to do it- because that is the ONLY portal!

I got a reply after 12 months when i initially submitted Problem Not Solved, Not Happy


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Sorry to hear you had a horrible experience along with your mother while going through vaccination.

Here is what I did to avoid it:

👉Identified a mass vaccination center MVC that is open 24 hours. Here is the list (Got it by Googling)
👉Called 1166 to find out what the best times to visit the MVC. Got the by number from here (Got it from Google). They did not know the best times to visit MVC so, I requested for a number of a person who is in my identified MVC.
👉Called that number and nobody picked it up. Sent a Whatsapp message and they just replied that it's open 24 hours. (I guess same bad experience as you)
👉So, I thought if it's open 24 hours, then logic dictates that the least rush will be late in the night or very early in the morning.
👉 I went there at 6:30 am, and I was the second person there to get vaccinated. Was over with it in minutes.

I would say you should launch a complaint using the Citizen Portal here There is a chance your report will improve things. It's well-known that when tons of people complain about the same things most governments listen. This is how the IT industry in Pakistan got the Government to work with Amazon and allow Pakistanis to register on Amazon for business purposes.

Select the right department for the complaint, and then provide accurate specifics. This helps with the resolution.


Reach MVC late in the night or very early in the morning.

Insha Allah people will experience better service in those times when the staff is not overworked.

We have limited resources, and we are not a nation who is known for management, discipline, common sense, and other attributes that usually are needed for less than painful experiences.

It will take time for us to become better. (If we teach our kids a good value system)

If our kids are going to see us what we usually do, then I am afraid we will be like this forever.

I would request people here to respond kindly and with reason. We don't have to become the worst of human beings to prove a point. It's still a win if we don't abuse the language or others to prove a point.
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