PM Imran Khan interview to BBC - September 21, 2021.


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Imran Khan should choose these kinds of Journos, rather the agenda driven kinds from Fox and Becky Anderson who have no ethics or courtesy to talk to a sitting PM...
I agree with imran khan, do as many interviews as you can to reach the widest audience, it’s a repetitive message does not matter what the agenda is of these journalists.

Hammer the message continuously it will get through to the thickest hardheaded people in the west. Results are already materializing.


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The lady in the start of video is Yalda Hakim who is called queen of fake news. She has been spreading fake news about Afghanistan since the fall of Kabul. Even yesterday she shared a picture of a Syrian girl and posted on her Twitter as an Afghan girl.


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She is one of those India Loving, Afghan Bloody Libtard...

She lover Fekus Sadhguru!!!

She tried to lessen the effects of Imran Khan's interview by calling Bilawal Butto on her program. The Bilawal's interview is even longer than PM Imran Khan. She tried her best to get something against ISI from Bilawal but he did not fall into trap.
If she wanted something against Pakistan, Maryam Nawaz would have been a better choice.


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This lady who took Bilawal's Interview has been taking Interviews of Anti Pakistan personalities. She is anti Pakistan and a propagandist.
This explains why she is talking to a traitor like billo, I think he has forgotten what was done to his grandfather who disgraced us with creation of bangladesh and surrender.

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Thats good diplomacy if you want international recognition then you must play by these rules x y z

But Khan's body language and breaks in speech clearly shows he really doesn't have much hope of that happening although he still hopes for the best and so do we. But he is a brilliant statesman Simpson bhai tried many times for him to say things that if he did say them would turn the tattiban against him but he cleverly navigated through those bouncers.

Also kudos to him for not trying to appease the tattiban by avoid the question on womens education.
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