Raw footages of crashed PIA(PK8303) plane incident


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We did heard back , about most of them as flight recorder goes to Boeing or Airbus.
Junaid jamshed flight was down due to pilot misjudgment.
Yes your dad hired all non qualified pilots like himself and yourself what you can expect?


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Incompetence for last 30 years, politics,Fake degrees, Economy not having enough money to purchase new planes and maintenance, because it was stolen by the political bastards. AAP Samaj hi Gaiy houn gai.
Everything in Pakistan where the sun shines is dripping in corruption.

Everyday all across Pakistan all Pakistanis are paying the price with their lives.
11 year military rule


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Who is the chairman and what is his qualification or experience to run the airline? Is he got any degree in civil aviation and anything to do with running an airline?
Would love to know?
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