Remains of Priyantha Kumara arrive in Sri Lanka

The Sane

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Earlier when body was handed over to Sri Lanka

Hey Nazi paratrooper, stop instigating the family of the deceased. You have a lot of demons in your own closet to round up on.



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Every decent and honest Pakistani feels ashamed and horrified at the brutal and stomach-churning murder of the innocent Sri Lankan manager and wants the culprits sentenced to death. Pakistanis want to assure the world that they are vehemently opposed to any act of violence and terrorism that threatens the lives and safety of our foreign guests living in our country and those who are visiting us on holidays.

I would like to point it out to the readers that Pakistanis living in the USA, Canada, Western Europe, and Australia have been brutally killed and murdered by the locals but we have never noticed their governments and indigenous population condemning the way the Pakistani government and Pakistanis not only living in the homeland but in foreign lands are protesting against this horrific tragedy. A majority of Pakistanis are peace-loving and harmonious people and strongly believe in the Islamic teachings and consider "Killing of an innocent being is like the killing of the whole humanity." We are ashamed of the brutality of this tragedy.

But, it would appear that it was not the sudden eruption of hateful or grudging emotions of the perpetrators that led to this dreadful crime but the build-up of resentment amongst the factory workers that could have received political support and inspiration from extremist groups opposed to PM Imran Khan and his government.

The government must also investigate fully if there was any foreign power involved in this heinous murder? We must not leave any hidden motives unattended.

I am also of the strong opinion that enough and enough and if in the future religious extremists of TLP or of any other group, the JUI danda army and terrorists kill our innocent citizens, police with bullets, they must be killed with twice more bullets by the state to impose its Writ to govern, maintain law and order and protect lives of its citizens.



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