Saher Pasha’s befitting reply on Malala’s controversial statement

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Oh my foot, you are back on forums, when will you get lost on other side border?
😂 😂 😂 @ Oh my foot! Haven't heard that in decades! The 80s called and they want their slang back.
And I never went anywhere, I've been here longer than you and probably be here long after you have left.
Bitch go back to plugging your worthless videos made on a potato with your fake gora accent which barely cross into double digit views LOL

BC jis kuttay billay ko be dekho apnay aap to journalist aur tajziyanigar samajta hai! 😂😂😂


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Malala is ugly beyond imagination both morally and physically. She now wants to be an unmarried single mother like the western people. The people of Swat are very religious. How come a 'murtad' was born in that area?
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