Suhail Warraich’s Book has been confiscated from all the BOOK STALLS


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Suhail Warraich’s new book “YE COMPANY NAHI CHALEGI” has been confiscated from all the book stalls in Lahore. This was a collection of his columns. The main reason for the book confiscation was the picture on its cover.

I respected Suhail Warraich a lot until now. The picture on the cover was very insulting. I don’t think he could think that negative but then why would he be such a piece of $h!t to go that low for attention.

People do these sort of stunts these days for extra popularity or attention. PM Imran Khan should sue him for defamation.

This Raangherr Warraich is a disgrace to the country. He wants to make headlines in the neighbouring country by causing a bad name to his country.
کافی عرصہ پہلے اسے بازار حسن کی پیداوار کہا تھا تو کچھ بھائی ناراض ہو رہے تھے۔
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