The FATF meeting will begin in Paris from today

Khalil Ibrahim

Councller (250+ posts)
ایف اے ٹی ایف اجلاس آج سے پیرس میں شروع ہو گا۔ حماد اظہر کی قیادت میں پاکستانی وفد شرکت کرے گا۔



Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Europeans should be slapped. Who the hell cares if they ban us.

If they ban us, stop paying the loans and double charge these mentally sick part of human races.

Filthy Europeans NO GOOD has come from their existence on the face of the earth. They only loot, murder, rape and abuse humanity. May Allah damn them in the fire of hell in this world with the help of Russia and in the next world an eternal hell.
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