We must close Ayaz Sadiq's statement matter & move on! - Ahsan Iqbal


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Not only close.. Ayez Sadiq must behind bar..and those who endorsed his statement.. Safdar too..Pmln all leaders who anti.Pakistan..Army and corrupt
.should in jail..no bail.no A class facilities..If Judges order to allow them home made food
then allow for all prisoners..Justices should be for all.equal..not selective... Judiciary must proved this..not only on paper..


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No no Mr. ARASTOO!

You're mistaken.... Entire PDM saga will get controlled with keeping this open..

And Govt will keep it alive... 😉..

In fact... I foresee some sort of legal action against Hindutwa Ayaz, just before or around your next circus on 25th....😉

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Tera kaam hey Mariam ki Qatriyoon kay liey Dalali kerna, kiyonkay to shakal aur guftgoo say he BHARVA lagta hey. Koi na koi Qatri tujhay Iqama dey dey ga. MC.
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