What's wrong with Dr Shahid? can't finish a sentence,can't finish a thought


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Dr.Shahid thinking many things at same time.if need to express...it's impossible to compose yourself.local politics.International politics.. Mafias.Int agencies..so many news.fake.true...You need to pick one news and do the show..but must research.and stick to it..


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I always said and I am sure that he has lost sense,,, whatever he says makes no sense... broken thoughts,, broken sentences,,, in a whole show he has just one thing to say and keeps repeating it...
He genuinely has psychological disorder he needs complete rest and treatment..
He is a severe psychological disorder


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in the search of yajooj and majooj, he has entered a different dimension and realm. i don't think we will be able to retrieve his mind anymore.
his talks are far from reality and the conclusion to all his statements is 'mujhe kuch samaj nahin aari'


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Dr Shahid has failed to keep his pace. He can’t focus on simple things after his illness. I would suggest that he should do his program 2-3 times in a week. Everyday program has negative impact on his mental health and well being
Well at least Shahid Masood makes more sense than rest of the other doodh faroosh anchors and so called jurn-lits
Maybe he is scared, because he knows he can be put behind bars yet again ..
The entire lot from that part of the country is involved and recorded in naked videos....from what we have observed so far, with peadophilia, necrophilia, incest, pimping, cuckoodling, gaylordism, .....every single person in any position of power has got incriminating videos against him......No wonder Shahid Masood faced such over reaction by FIA....this was no accident.
You think , if a sitting judge could be coerced to make an arrangement with Shareefs..what might still be hidden.
I wouldn't be surprised there is something related to just about every judge, bureacrat, police officer and maybe even Generals.......that is the only logical reason why Shareefs enjoy status of bahnoi from the judiciary of Lahore/Islamabad.
This is not an entirely far fetched idea....paedophila gangs and sex orgies are the glue which bind the corrupt elite even in west....Weinstein, Epstein, NCXIII ...


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He is not a PhD...he is an MBBS...like Munna Bhai MBBS of Bollywood (fake degree holder)
That is the reason his analysis are always like headless Chicken.
He would tell anything literary anything that would come in his mind.
He never thinks whether his words are logical or no?
He is as Stupid as his Face.


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Watched this whole program. His thoughts are all over the places like a majnoo

i really feel sad for this guy. completely unstable

He had a stroke 2 years back. I think it has affected his mental capacity. He should seek professional help before another attack happens. Usually doctors are more careless about tgeir health because they think they know more abiut their own health...



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One of my friend says this guy has mental problem not stable now. Neuro problem is severe. If you try to listen him you can not understand a single sentence. Poor guy lost his mind. May Allah bless him.


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You guys are so harsh but he is very good and an excellent analyst , this is his role, but we not not always agree with his talks or opinions.
Further it must be said that he exposed Ishaq Dar big time a few years ago calling him a walking lie, classic episode after Panama.
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