Which anchors are on the direct Payroll of Malik Riaz???


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We are dealing with lots of Tokras unless govt starts giving its own Tokras to shut these blackmailer journalists and anchors

Was of this view in the past, but glad PTI did not pursue that policy...

Otherwise, they would have never been exposed!!!


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SG is probably talking about Kamran Shahid being on the payroll of Malik Riaz.
Beside Kamran Shahid, there are many more on Malik Riaz payroll, the most famous would be Javed Choudhry who used to write articles about him and Behria Town….I doubt if there is even one sahafi in Pakistan who is not for sale……the only one comes to my mind is Shaheen Sehbai.


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More Better headline
Which few unfortunate anchors Generals Judges Politicians Bureaucrats not on pay roll of Riaz.


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I always wondered that Imran Riaz Khan, who always attempts appearing a "true “ journalist, never report on the goings of BT.
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